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Version 2.2.6
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OS 5.0

Baby Diary: Sleep Tracker APPLICATION description

This is an application to track your child's sleep, events and statistics.
Baby Diary: sleep tracking is the best and most detailed app for tracking baby's development.
Designed to help parents keep track of their child's sleep patterns and track their child's progress.
With its advanced features and intuitive interface, this app allows parents to
easily track their child's sleep habits and make sure they are getting the rest they need
for growth and development.

Key Benefits:
📱 One of the key features of this app is calculating waking time between naps.
This helps parents understand how long their child sleeps intermittently and identify any patterns
or irregularities in his or her sleep cycle.

💡 In addition to monitoring sleep patterns, this app also provides tips on how to follow
sleep patterns and develop healthy sleep habits. Parents can also add their own norms
and preferences, adapting the app to their child's specific needs.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 In addition, the Baby Diary: Sleep Tracker app provides support for multiple children,
making it an ideal choice for families with multiple children.

📝 To get a more complete picture of their child's sleep, parents can add additional
information to dreams, including dream locations, tags, and comments. They can also note events that
happened to their child during the day, such as feeding or sleeping.

📊 To help parents better understand their child's sleep patterns, the app calculates a wealth of
of different statistics, such as the average duration of night and daytime sleep,
duration of wakefulness, total amount of time spent sleeping for each child
and other data. You can use multiple graph and chart views to analyze the data and keep track of each child's progress.

🔔 The app also has the ability to set reminders for parents so they don't forget to enter
their child's sleep information in the diary. This is convenient and allows you to be sure that your child's sleep data
child's sleep data is up to date and complete.

🕰 The app also provides calculators to help parents accurately plan their child's sleep patterns
their child, find the best settings and adapt them based on changes in their child's sleep habits.

🌙 For ease of use, the Baby Diary: Sleep Tracker app has a dark theme that helps
parents to strain their eyes less in the dark and does not interfere with their baby's sleep.

💾 In addition, the app also has a backup feature to help save your child's data,
If the device the app is on gets lost, damaged, or if you need to transfer
data to another device.

📋 The application also contains notes. They allow parents to organize and track their child's routine, including sleep schedules, meals, play time, and other important moments.
Parents can create notes with detailed information about every aspect of the regimen, which helps them easily follow it and establish stable habits.
This allows them to be more organized and efficient in caring for their child.

You don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to get useful information about your baby's sleep. Just
download the app "Baby Diary: Sleep Tracker" from the app store and start using it.
A handy app that allows you to get your baby's sleep data.
Don't put off taking care of your baby's sleep for later - start using the Baby Diary: Sleep Tracker app today!

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