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Version 1.1.020
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Category Games, Strategy
Package Name com.nwqj.gp
OS 5.0 and up

Hero Warchess GAME description

Hero Warchess is a strategy based magical RPG.
Queen’s Handwritten Letter from far away...

Dear Heroes:
Hourglass ofTime has been reset.A tide of Monster is falling upon.The antique scroll sealed for thousands of years is glowing with ancient magic.We have received prayers from Elves.It is time to rally and return.This is going to be another journey full of adventures...

Hero Warchess is a strategy based magical RPG.You are going to explore a whole new magical world in the land of Huiye(Kaguya).

A mysterious meteor shower came down in the Newborn Land and what came with it is the Holy Grail.The dark magic stones fell off the Holy Grail due to the impact.They fell into the land ofKaguya and a bizarre power comes to show up on the Continent. The powerful magic stones are found by the people.They fall into the hands ofthe Major Races.They are kept by the high lords.

With the influence ofthe magic power the Races begin to change.They are purified in strength,speed and intellegence.They are expanded in knowledge,thoughts and ambition.It is said that the person who gets all four Magic Stones will rule the Continent.Thus the conflict between the Races begins...

【Combat Report from Black Dragon Queen】
Combat report from the front line by Black Dragon Queen says that the tide ofmonsters are striking again.The order of crusading Niederhogg has been posted.All the champions shall come quickly to reinforce.

【Archmage’s Trial】
The Archmage announced a new bounty.The season pass is officially released.It has been told that the Archmage has left a treasure.Some even have obtained power of Titan’s...

【Astral Mage’s Secret Treasure】
Training event is open for a limited time!Astral Mage has summoned Space Fortune Shops.Rumours said that champions will be rewarded for accomplishing simple duties.

【The Queen’s Imperial Messenger】
Dear heroes. If you encounter any problems during game playing , please follow our official Facebook page: Hero Warchess.We will provide solution(s) as soon as possible and we will follow up for the optimum.
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