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经史子集 之 经部

《左传》记录了从鲁隐公元年(公元前722年)起到鲁哀公二十七年(公元前 468年)止,共255年内周王朝以及各诸侯国之间某些重大的历史事件。作品比较真实地反映了当时的情况,具有一定的进步意义,它所记载的许多史事已经成为我国传统文化的重要组成部分。


keywords: 四库全书 经史子集 国学经典 传统教育



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By the Department of Economic History subset of

"Zuo Zhuan" Lu hidden records from the year (722 BC) to play the Duke 27 years (468 BC) ended, some of the major historical events of 255 years between the Zhou Dynasty and the vassal state. Works truly reflect the situation at that time, with a certain sense of progress, many historical events described in it have become an important part of China's traditional culture.

A "Zuo Zhuan" Syrian Spring generation two hundred and fifty years of the history of things, though only eighty thousand words, can the word outside the word, the content is very rich, but also when the history of science, reading military history. Early spring and winter testing often wrong, then gradually correct the observed visible progress gradually. It also knows nineteen years seven leap month, it is an improvement. "Zuo Zhuan" often cited "military records," which is the ancient art of war, as set Venerable years Sun Shuao cited "military records," "ancestors have won the heart of people," because the initiative to attack, so Jin defeated. "Art of War" is a summary of the Spring and Autumn thirteen possible Bing's generation.

keywords: Sikuquanshu subset of Chinese classics by the history of traditional education
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