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Size 1.10 GB (1,184,225,788 bytes)
Category Games, Racing
Package Name com.tencent.qqspmi
OS 4.4 and up

Speed Drifters GAME description

Speed Drifters
Speed Drifters is a new drifting and racing game in which players can easily have 3-minute races. In addition to the immersive drifting, the game also has a rich selection of cars, suits, and pets, as well as a large selection of songs and music that are officially authorized by Avex!

■ Speed is everything!
With a combination of more than ten skills and operations available, there is no such thing as luck on the race tracks of QQ Speed. It all comes down to skill, and even a difference of 0.01 seconds can be the deciding factor!

■ Drift! Drift!
Use your exquisite drifting skills at every bend to shake off your opponent! I'll let you win if you're able to keep my tail light in sight!

■ Don't forget that you can pass items to other racers!
You'll no longer be on your own in the Item Race as teammates can pass items to one another selflessly. Seamless teamwork is the key to victory!

■ Decide things in 3 minutes!
Drift and race with or against your friends anytime, anywhere! Defeat your opponent in 3 minutes in a race that is so exciting that you'll forget to breathe!

■ New Skateboard Mode
Choose a Skateboard track and invite your friends. Two new terrain elements, Bowls and Sliders, have been added to the Skateboard track. Racers will be able to spin around in the air or glide by using pressure jumps, small jumps, and big jumps for a new racing experience.

■ Old modes with new gameplay
New elements have been added to the classic experience of Couples Mode and the 48th Finals Elimination for an enhanced social experience and a different type of fun.

■ Package size optimizations
Added a new CDN download method that lets racers manually select which contents to download in the game to enhance the overall experience and speed things up.
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