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深圳一所重点中学里,一群正值多思年华、充满朝气和活力、对未来无限憧憬的特区少年,他们中有土生土长的深圳人,也有跟随父母从祖国四面八方来的,在这块充满神奇魅力的热土上学习、生活、奋斗。以班长谢欣然为代表的同学们在班主任江老师的带领下,一次次经受了生活的洗礼,走出了一个又一个的感情的旋涡,不断走向成熟。 影片展现了深圳丰富的自然资源和都市人文资源、城市的高速发展、现代人生活的快节奏和面对的各种竞争和压力,让改革开放时期呈现的社会复杂性和两种世界观人生观的矛盾,进入中学生的视野和生活,使十六七岁花季的孩子们面对这样的环境和现实,作出自己的判断,并让老师与家长们和孩子们在理解中沟通,在沟通中引导他们,使他们认识到生活中除了阳光还有泥泞,从而正确地把握人生,正确处理人与人之间的关系,树立远大的理想,做一个对社会有用的新型的跨世纪的人。





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Shenzhen, a key middle school, a group of more than positive thinking time, full of vigor and vitality, infinite vision for the future SAR teenagers, they have native people in Shenzhen, but also follow their parents come from the motherland in all directions, full of magic in this on the land of learning, life and struggle. Xie is pleased with the squad as the representative of the students in the class teacher Jiang's leadership, time and again subjected to the baptism of life, out of one another's emotional vortex, continued to mature. Videos show the rapid development of Shenzhen, the city is rich in natural resources and human resources, the city's fast-paced modern life and a variety of competition and pressure to face, so that the period of reform and opening presents two worldviews and social complexity of life contradictory, vision and life into the high school students, so that sixteen-year-old kids bloom Faced with this situation and reality, to make their own judgments, and let teachers communicate with parents and children to understand, and to guide them in the communication so that they realize that there is life in addition to muddy the sun to correctly grasp the life, correctly handle the relationship between people, lofty ideals, to make a socially useful new cross-century man.


This application is based on the nine-step application platform application instance. Nine Steps is the name Shanghai Shanghai Science and Technology to create and maintain content application platform, the goal is to publish a variety of book content, is not limited to books already published or unpublished book content, the biggest beneficiaries of all the content you want to publish books and have their own Andr Author of books oid applications, content collectors and editors. People do not need to be an application by publishing institutions in nine steps quickly publish to mobile content readers to present their own work, the publisher inserted directly through the in-app ad click profit.

Nine Steps is a publication of the contents of books Andr oid application templates, you can publish e-books, has many powerful features, including standard layout, flexible and personalized settings, fast and direct the process of creating profit model, so Android content creation and publishing applications, everyone can become a simple job done. Nine simple steps to complete Andr oid applications without programming skills, there are things you can publish!

Content the author or publisher is publishing e-books on their own through a simple and easy to operate steps. On the technology does not have to be Android developers do not need to master any development technology. EBook publishing application specified by the author previously implanted banner (AdMob), and in the e-book reader and click on ad banners when they bring cash income for the author or publisher. The publisher can be the original author of the book, it can be released for free content collector of books.

Nine-step process is still in development, has now entered the junior version of the test phase, limited to internal use, this application is the product of this phase of testing, I hope the readers for their valuable comments and suggestions. Once the nine steps to enter the beta stage, we will announce the nine-step examples of application publishing site, when we enthusiastically welcome to publish their own works, to achieve its own mobile applications and get direct economic benefits through the application of the product. After nine steps to determine the final version, will then inform the majority of authors and content publishers.
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