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Version 6.704-playstore
Size 335.65 MB (351,953,239 bytes)
Developer TEAM42
Category Games, Strategy
Package Name com.sopt.mafia42.client
OS 7.0

Mafia42: Mafia Party Game GAME description

With various skills, be the survivor of the mafia game where Mafia is hidden.
Be the survivor from the battle of logic and strategy! Play Mafia game online with your mobile in Mafia42 to solve mystery crimes with your own strategy! With friends, family, and lover, find evidence and save the citizen by killing Mafia with various skills.

Mafia42 is a chat-based social/family deduction game where players actively battle with one another and test their unique strategy for each mystery crimes happened. Each player will be assigned among 30 plus different roles. And each night and day, citizens and Mafia will battle with their unique skills to deceive, hide, or deduce for each mystery crimes. During the day time, players will battle by debating and deducing about the mystery crime to find out the hidden Mafia and lynch them before the night time, which Mafia team can kill innocent citizens, comes. Logical thinking and strategy are required to solve the mystery crimes and win the battle with Mafia.

Unique Roles
Play as different roles including Mafia, Spy, Detective, and etc.! And make your own unique strategy for each roles. Find your favorite role and use the gemstone to be assigned as that role!

Unique Skills
Strategy is the key to solve the mystery crime! With various unique skills, make your own strategy to survive during the night time when Mafia team can attack innocent citizen! Sense the crimes a head to save yourself and other innocent citizens.

Night Time Mystery
Every mystery happens during the night time when citizens are not around. Mafia team members like Mafia, spy, and etc. are trying to use their skills to kill citizen. You have to focus on any evidence that crime scene may has!

Various Strategies
Logical thinking will help you to win the battle with Mafia and be the survivor. Make your own strategy that will help you go through the night time threats from Mafia team.
We highly recommend checking out our Wiki Fandom before playing to familiarize yourself with all our unique roles.

- 30 plus fun and unique roles and more to come!
- Special roles with special skills will be assigned to every player such as the Mafia, Detective, Spy, etc.
- Play and battle with your friends and family online.
- Join a guild to socialize, battle and interact with other players.
- Multiple game modes will help you experience different types of the battle.
- Complete the daily quests to receive daily rewards.
- Collect rare icons by completing hidden missions!
- Customize your account with various items such as skins and nameplates.

Mafia42 has optional in-game items require payment. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to download and battle in Mafia42. This game requires a network connection to play.
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