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2: Solo Training Exercises

Aikido classes usually start with Junbi Taiso, basic stretching, loosening and movement exercises that prepare students for the main part of the training session. In Aikido Video Sketches 2: Solo Training Exercises we have collected together 31 of these preparatory exercises that are commonly practised in Aikido dojos all over the world.
For each exercise there is an illustrated description providing step-by-step instructions, general background information and key points, and a demonstration in one or two video clips, two clips where viewing the exercise from a different angle can help to clarify its performance. They include breathing (kokyu) exercises, stretching, movement forms (tai sabaki) and strike (uchi) practice, and they are illustrated by 40 video clips and over 100 still images.
The thing that they have in common is that they can all be performed solo, that is, without the need for a partner. Students of all levels of experience can benefit from these exercises: beginners who need to condition their bodies for Aikido practice; more experienced students who may not have seen some of the exercises before or understood their significance; and instructors who may want to add some of these exercises to their repertoires.
The exercises are presented in the order that they might be practised in a class, that is starting with slow, simple movements and progressing to more physically demanding ones.
The exercises are in the following categories:
• Breathing exercises (kokyu)
• Rowing exercises and shaking (torifune and furitama)
• Arm swinging and Bai Bi
• Shoulder loosening/relaxing
• Back twist and bends
• Leg and hip stretching and strengthening
• Wrists flexibility and strength
• Fingers loosening
• Body movement (tai sabaki)
• Attack practice (uchi)
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