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The description 3D Charts Pro Apk

Create astonishingly good looking 3D Charts within seconds.
Visualize and share data instantly!

● ● ● ad-free, Adobe Air as external 2nd file is required, it updates! ● ● ●

Get dozens of high end Charting types in 3D and 2D, landscape and portrait:

Percentage Charts:
● Pie
● Doughnut
● Pyramid
● Cone
● Funnel
● staggered Column
● staggered Cylinder

Combination Charts:
● Line
● Area
● Column
● Cylinder
● Surface (colored by series or by height/region)
● Stepline
● floating Area
● floating Column (Renko as single series)
● floating Cylinder
● Bubble

Radar and Polar:
● Line
● Area
● Rose

Try before you buy:
Including many free Charts!

All charts are highly customizable, set your own colors load pictures and logos as background and save the graph as image rendered in 3D to Android's photo gallery. Export your charts as high quality PNG file with transparency (good for graphic designers). Use your own chart photos as attachment or upload. It's great for mobile blogging and for social sites ... boost your data analysis.

This app is the enhancement for your mobile office and journalism and press reporting on the move. It's loaded with features for science development and research. Also it's beloved for monitoring blood pressure over time recording body weight, mileage and electricity consumption ... the isometric 3D projection makes data comparison easy and yet it's very eye-catching. 3D Charts is an essential tool you don't want to miss.

The 3D Charts App is a true desktop application worth hundreds of dollars brought to your Android. By purchasing the pro version of this app you can save quite a bit of money because google is sending all the traffic and potential customers here for free including you. You will get over 7 years worth of IT development.

3D Charts is an essential tool you don't want to miss. This cannot really be compared to Excel © csv. This charting tool combines beauty with purpose! Wow! Awesome! The 3D Charts www.advance-media.com home page showcases our web based interactive animated and real time database charting software tool which is basically the same as this 3D Charting mobile app!

Set number prefix like '$ € £ ¥' or suffix like 't' for tonnes. UTF-8 font support. So type Chinese Korean Arabic Hebrew if you like. ÇÖéØ
Scaling (official SI abbreviations) font size bold number precision can be set. 3D-2D aspect ratio and width / height slider. Just remember your mobile device features high resolution DPI dots per inch screen compared to a desktop monitor. This means Chart images will look way bigger on PCs in size.
Yes, the data can be exported to Android's clipboard, copy and paste. All data is automatically saved. 'Save As' project option.

Intuitive User interface. Test play and plug and see for yourselves. To become professional with the 3D Charts app it's highly recommended to read the online user manual thoroughly, go: http://www.advance-media.com/3D_Charts_mobile

Tablets with big screens are welcome!

The free Air 3.2 and higher code library app by Adobe is required. The 3D Charts app will prompt you to download that file from the Google Play shop. It is about 20MB in file size (wifi recommended) but can be moved almost completely to SDcard. Adobe will keep that all important Air code library app up to date as scheduled.

This app is available exclusively on Android due to the excellent Adobe Air support.

Wishing fun with mobile 3D charting, be convincing, be successful! Make your statistic count!

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10 recent comments of 3D Charts Pro APK


Didn't know you guys were still supporting this app. Good on you guys.

Thomas Robinson

The app has potential but the copy from clipboard function never seems to do anything. Most people don't want to have to input manually a lot of data to display a chart. If the copy from clipboard function worked then this would be a great app. I have built graphs manually and they look stunning. But to truly make this functional I need to be able to copy from the clipboard dated that I already have prepared. So if you're not prepared to manually into a lot of data this may not be the software for you.

Trish Frugalista

No step by step instructions for users! Have never been so dissapointed. Sure only $1.99 but I waisted that. Can't use it! Can see the tiny little video and there's no sounds. Pathetic! Beautiful deceptive look in Play Store!

Gayal chamin Anjan Kumara

"I got a Free promo code! I like unlocked full versions. Wow, great!" This is a very useful and advanced chart system.recommended for every one. awesome..! Thank you.. :)

Raja Sekhar Benarjee Yalla

It is not working in my Dell venue 8 3830 tab, please resolve the issue & help me

darko sam

At first it worked fine but now I can't even use it. I fill in the fields but it won't render Galaxy Note 3 Snapdragon version, Android 4.4.2 Edit: uninstalled and after installing again, it works

shibaz malic


Robin Ore

The Developer worked hard on this app and responds quickly, so 5 stars! Swiftkey backspace bug, (which can be easily handled by selecting all, then backspacing). Pie Chart used for a conference presentation looked good. With Dev help - Perfect! Love the good color and font selections.

Holden Kass

Really good but some of the options are hard to understand

A Google user

very pleased with the program. The best I know.

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