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400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline400+ Best Plain Shirt Design Offline

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Shirts have occupied an important place in the life of men. They are widely carried for any social or official occasion and event to give a studious personality. Nearly all the corporate, private and government offices have formal shirt and pant as their uniform for men. Some of the offices also carry blazers along with them for a proper get up.

Latest And New Formal Shirts For Men Designs:
Here are few designs of formal shirts for men as given below.

1. Plain Navy Blue Shirt:
2. Plain White Formal Shirt:
3. Dark Dotted Shirt:
4. Border Work Formal Shirt:
5. Small Checks Design Formal Shirt:
6. Dual Checks Design Formal Shirt:
7. Terry Cotton Formal Shirt:
8. Shoulder Design Formal Shirt:
9. White Collar Formal Shirt:
10. Stretchable Formal Shirt:
11. Light Lining Formal Shirt:
12. Traditional Line Formal Shirt:
13. Sleeve Design Formal Shirt:
14. Vertical Lines Formal Shirt:
15. Silk Formal Shirts:
16. Short Sleeves Formal Shirt:
17. Brick Design Formal Shirt:
18. Aqua Design Formal Shirt:
19. Animal Print Formal Shirt:
20. Floral Print Formal Shirt:
21. Side Print Formal Shirt:
22. Monkey Wash Formal Shirt:
23. Woven Formal Shirt:
24. Galaxy Formal Shirt:
25. Leaf Print Formal Shirt:
26. Georgette Work Formal Shirt:
27. Neck Work Formal Shirt:
28. Embroidery Formal Shirt:
29. Circular Dragon Formal Shirt:
30. Suit Designed Formal Shirt:

To choose a quality plain shirt, then you are required to understand the basic of quality t-shirts too, so later you will not regret after buying a man shirt that you already like or have bought in large quantities but the quality is not as you expect. For that below 5 tips on choosing quality man shirts for you:

1. Find 100% Cotton Combed material

You can usually easily distinguish t-shirts with quality materials and T-shirts that quality less good by looking at the thickness of the fabric. Actually a thick shirt is not the best quality guarantee, and vice versa, thin-sized shirts also do not mean the worst quality. The best material for making T-shirts is cotton combed instead of cotton carded lho ya.

2. Choose a t-shirt material that can absorb sweat

One of the characteristics of quality t-shirts in addition to comfortable to wear and fine material that also absorbs sweat. Because it will not feel warm when wearing it. Plus if the weather is hot and our bodies spend a lot of sweat. A good shirt can absorb our sweat so that we remain free to activity without being disturbed.

3. No Slack

Make sure you only choose materials that are not easy to loose t-shirts while through the washing process repeatedly. Because the easy sagging t-shirt material leaves the impression that the size of the shirt is too big for the wearer. Until ultimately this resulted in a sense of confidence for the wearer.

4. Thorough on t-shirt sutures

The quality of the clothes usually also depends on the level of neatness of the seams, note first the neatness of your chosen t-shirt suture. Usually neat stitches have a narrow distance so that the seams are not easily detached when worn.

5. Not Easy to Fade

T-shirt material that easily fade certainly provide inconvenience for the wearer. Moreover, the material is easy to wear t-shirts will make the color t-shirt to be not brilliant and tend to dull. For that, before you determine the right shirt for personality. Please check and make sure that the raw material of the shirt is not easy to wear off when worn.

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