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Version 1.0
Size 296k
Developer smartebooks
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Package Name com.alevelphysicspack
OS 1.5 and up

A Level Physics Pack APPLICATION description

Advanced Level Physics made easy. A-Level Physics revision cards (Memory Cards)
Advanced Level Physics made easy and fun, as it is displayed on a pack of cards, with each card teaching a fact or a skill.

Too busy to revise? Need Memory Cards? Read an A-Level Physics revision card in odd moments during the day, so you are ready for exams and homework, but can still party at night.

For use in all countries, as essential subjects, like Electronics and Ideal Gases, are in almost all relevant, pre-university Physics exams.

This app is also suitable if you work, as it gives you the facts you need at your fingertips. Or it can be used as a Physics text book that fits in your pocket.

It is part of an established range, as it is based on the course notes of the best-selling LCL Mega Physics educational software course. This range includes the app 'A Level Maths Pack' and its PC CD, LCL Mega Maths. Its features are:

* It covers all the essential areas e.g. Electricity, Waves and Mechanics. Some of the Mechanics is also in the Mathematics specifications (syllabus).

* Subjects are: [01] Circuit Diagrams, [02] Resistance, [03] Kirchhoff's Laws, [04] Potential Dividers, [05] Capacitance, [06] Reactance, [07] Magnetic Fields, [08] Electromagnetic Induction, [09] Charges, [10] Electric Fields, [11] Light, [12] Pressure, [13] Heat Energy, [14] Kinetic Theory, [15] Ideal Gases, [16] Elasticity, [17] Quantum Mechanics, [18] Radioactivity, [19] Linear Motion, [20] Forces in Equilibrium, [21] Projectiles, [22] Work and Energy, [23] Momentum, [24] Moments, [25] Power, [26] Force, [27] Circular Motion, [28] Oscillations, [29] Gravitational Fields, [00] Help.

* There are around 90 cards, as each subject has up to 8 cards. All the essentials that you must know, explained simply.

* This app includes 2 versions, one for phones and another for tablets. The tablet version has double-size cards.

* Instant access to every card with one finger movement.

* You can also make optional adjustments, like changing print size.

* Easy to use.

* New Features include: Special Scroll that keeps cards card-shaped; Restore the card with a tap on the screen; Even a version for screens that are not touch-sensitive; Instant adjustments reaction; Suitable for all Android phones and tablets.

* Try it - it could make all the difference.
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