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AccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radarAccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radar

The description AccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radar Apk

Get live weather forecasts, accurate storm alerts and weather news with AccuWeather - superior accuracy™ you can rely on.

Accurate weather forecasts, real-time alerts, and severe weather warnings are available on-demand. Get today’s weather forecast, storm alerts, live storm radar and much more!

Get ready for the season with AccuWeather’s weather alerts that are superior in their accuracy. Be prepared with the daily forecast or sudden severe changes in weather with live alerts and accurate weather forecasts. So whether there’s wind, rain, or even a hurricane - you can stay one step ahead with AccuWeather’s weather radar.

Accurate weather forecasts - 5 reasons why you’ll love using AccuWeather:
1. Accurate weather forecasts whenever and wherever you need them - AccuWeather’s superior accuracy™ won’t let you down.
2. Severe weather warnings that keep you safe - From storms to high wind, be prepared for any severe weather event on the horizon with real-time weather warnings and storm alerts.
3. Today’s temperature in detail - RealFeel Temperature® technology tells you the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels.
4. Weather updates wherever you are - Get local forecasts when you’re at home or worldwide weather updates when you’re on vacation.
5. Live weather 24/7 - Check up to 15 days in advance or check out our weather radar for accurate weather forecasts every minute!

Local forecasts, today’s temperature and more! Live weather stats give you real-time weather updates. From storm alerts to heavy rain, get all the severe weather warnings you need to protect you against any wind, rain or severe weather alert on the horizon.

Go beyond today's weather forecast. From the daily forecast to snowstorm weather warnings, you control what type of information you get. Whether you want today’s weather or today’s temperature, AccuWeather is weather forecasting with a difference!

The daily forecast, severe weather warnings, storm alerts and more! Features that will help the AccuWeather app work for you:

• Local forecasts that you can personalize, depending on where you are in the world.
• Today's weather forecast and beyond. Look 15 days ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any rain or severe weather alerts with AccuWeather’s weather radar technology.
• Live weather, minute by minute! Try the MinuteCast® weather tracker for the most up to date weather alerts.
• Weather forecasting is brought to life with trending videos from AccuWeather’s news team.
• Daily forecast updates filtered according to your preferences. Hide any weather alerts that aren’t right for you.

Weather updates you can rely on. AccuWeather’s weather tracker makes it easy to plan a weekend outdoors without battling the wind or getting caught in the rain.

With AccuWeather’s superior accuracy™ for local forecasts, you’ll never miss a memorable moment. Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, get reliable weather forecasting with AccuWeather - your personal weather radar.

Today’s weather forecast is in the palm of your hand. AccuWeather helps you prepare for today’s temperature with its state of the art weather tracker technology. Get ready for wind or sun with the most accurate source of the weather forecast.

Download AccuWeather today for free and enjoy award-winning superior accuracy™ in weather forecasting on your Android device.

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  • 6.1.10-free
  • (SDK: )
  • March 27, 2020
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 3ff4130ed5fa2d1b9fcd3bb50e4000f6
  • Thank you for using AccuWeather!

    This update includes bug fixes.
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  • 6.1.9-free
  • (SDK: )
  • March 10, 2020
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 81a9998c9df23072b1aa67c046bbd299
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • View Permissions
  • 6.1.6-free
  • (SDK: )
  • March 1, 2020
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 8a8dfdeee6a0be712f766bf9318c305a
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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  • 5.8.6-free
  • (SDK: )
  • January 14, 2020
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 05e5a9db55ccff7fb2769f52a18e62c2
  • Thank you for choosing AccuWeather! This update includes RealFeel Shade to Current Conditions. RealFeel Shade gives you greater context about the temperature you are actually experiencing while in the shade.

    This build also includes other standard bug fixes and performance improvements.
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  • 6.1.5-free
  • (SDK: )
  • January 9, 2020
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 3985d20d081dfa346a7b237aa12bcc50
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
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  • 6.1.2-free
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • October 16, 2019
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 65b7721c219ee44e84ba96821d0176c7
  • View Permissions
  • 6.1.1-free
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • October 4, 2019
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 4ec0226ed919c28e1fd2d38b3048ab8c
  • View Permissions
  • 6.1.0-free
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • September 19, 2019
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • af9eb61651944d6c49c9ff2a32c7d9e6
  • View Permissions
  • 6.0.10-free
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • July 23, 2019
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • 60bb377ebd4cc4cff48ec9590202abc6
  • View Permissions
  • 6.0.8-free
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • July 6, 2019
  • 9474BD7F671C570CA60BDEA2E5AE794FA05AEB86
  • ee34b2a437d5977ab281690cf69191e1
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10 recent comments of AccuWeather: Weather forecast news & live radar APK

James Tilden

The app is decent, which is why I purchased the upgraded version with no ads. I am annoyed that the new version puts junk from ABC news in, and there's no option to remove it like there was before. I really hope they add this option back on the next update.

Jeff Osborne

I really like the look of this app. The MinuteCast feature is cool and looks very appealing. However it's just not very accurate. It's been raining sheets for the last 20 minutes and my MinuteCast shows no precipitation. Third time this has happened in the last several weeks. I'm going to try some other options for now

Chad Molin

Great app and visually appealing. Only issue I have is for whatever reason the widget does not refresh on its own. I rely on that on my home page nearly 100% and I have to either hit refresh or open the app. Not the best option. Easy 5 stars if that gets fixed.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, and getting lost in nature. Have some fun and enjoy the time you made for it by knowing how the weather will be. If you can imagine it I've done it and with my smart phone I always have this app because in my opinion it's the best, and I always know how the day, or weekend will treat me.

Jim Bonner

All the weather information you need in one place, at your fingertips. Intuitive, easy to use, clean interface. Overall, a great app. Only one thing to look into; battery consumption. This app is consuming more battery than any other app on my phone.

Michael Kaiman

Everyone loves eye candy. Who doesn't? But AccuWeather has been a trusted source for years and doesn't need all the bells & whistles. Just accurate information in a easy-to-user-friendly environment helping you plan your day and refer quickly to the changes in your day; a consistent, reliable source. I've used AccuWeather for years on all my devices and have tried all the others including paid apps, but always come home to what I believe in and utterly trust: AccuWeather, anytime and anywhere...

Matthew Blood

I already PAID for the AccuWeather Platinum... And was forced to download this app because the other was "no longer being supported". And now... To get an ad free experience and additional features, I have to pay again!? No thanks

Doreen Harrington

On my phone it used to turn the temp red in the notification bar when there was a storm warning, and now it just stays white all the time. Then there is the Android tablet, where you don't get a temp in the corner any longer. What happened to the app I used to love?

Adam Day

Lay out is terrible. Really wish they would state the accumulation amounts more clearly and wind chill is hard to see especially in long range forecasts. Also, wind guests are important in my area and their predictions are wrong. I have 100km/h winds right mow and the app reads 65km/h. Not good. Will be deleting it.

Whenever I tried to add another location, the app shuts down. You need to fix it. I have to travel a lot, if I could know the weather of my destination, it will be a 5 star app. I have seen it work in primitive platform, so you should be able to get around it.

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