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The description aFBA Apk

aFBA is a port of the popular Final Burn Alpha emulator to Android

** aFBA does not contains ROMs or any copyrighted materials **

- aFBA is licenced under the "Final Burn Alpha" terms :
- aFBA source code is available on github :

- aFBA homepage :
- aFBA use games description from
- aFBA use awesome "mamu" games icon:

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  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 12, 2016
  • 580863779FDC6AE4EC39ED15BD3071C712225A21
  • 6030814e6a260e0fc762da995a2a0405
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10 recent comments of aFBA APK

Collin Broderick

PLEASE improve the hardware controls. When I enter a game, I configured the controls incorrectly, and since on screen controls are turned off, I have no way of getting to the control configuration. Put it somewhere else where it can be accessed and maybe add a visual config. Other than that, it's a five star app. I've been using it for a while to play Metal Slug on my Moga Pro for a while, it works flawlessly, and I've had no other problems.

Henry Reavis

On PC Final Burn Alpha was the go-to emulator if you wanted fast accurate classic gaming but didn't quite have the horsepower to run the demanding MAME. This Android version requires much more CPU than Mame4droid 139 (at least for the audio) You probably need at least a 1.5ghz machine to run this at full speed. This is not the FBA I know and love :(

Paul Consiglio

This app allows me 2 play games from a time when video games were uncomplicated,fun and challenging. The list of games that could be played through this app is amazing.This app is simple 2 use literally just select a game from the compatlist and it takes you literally 2 the download site download it and voilà you are now playing that game! I hope the developers make Night Slashers + Red Earth available soon if so I would be truly in Arcade Heaven! Hint hint, wink wink nudge nudge, say no more say no more;)

Turd Peterson

Poor interface, crackling sound. Can't configure controls once overlay is disabled. Can't exit game unless you shut app down. Speed is fine just the sound is awfull and crackles. Has potential though. On the plus side its the only emulator that can play cps3 well, just needs a little more work to be great

Deepak Manak Mehmi

Like it but doesn't support mk. Also can you define keys for 2 player. That would make this the best emulator. I have connected xarcade to sf2. Works good but cant configure keys for 2player. Please please sort it out. Crackly sound too. S5. Fix crackly sound and 2 player fonfig. 5 star app.

Alan D.

Got romset but cannot put that on phone storage when I have a 200gb sd card, could you make sd card available and my mad catz controller connects to it to setup buttons but doesn't work on games. Sorted gamepad out I didn't switch soft input off..

Arsenio Vance

The version that was released 3 years ago on xda works better. I found that this version of the app won't play street fighter 3: new generation, at all. The same file works on the 2012 version I have from xda. Kinda strange. But I can't knock this app. It works good for the most part.


Runs full speed on everything I tried so far, sound emulation does have issues but hopefully it is further improve in future updates. Would also like to see more menu options like filters and hardware input for 2nd player. Still very good in its current state

John Revera

Runs games pretty well. Has bad sound issues. Buttons take up most of the screen wish I could reduce the size. Playing on my Note 2.


Unable to recall menu & online controls once finished using Bluetooth controller. Please please fix. Will then give 5 stars

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