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Version 1.0708
Size 14.17 MB (14,862,923 bytes)
Developer StarWraith 3D Games LLC
Category Games, Arcade
Package Name com.SW3DG.Aluxiom
OS 4.1 and up

Aluxiom GAME description

Real time attack and defend two player strategy arcade game.
Featuring easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics with a futuristic look and varied battle conditions, Aluxiom provides a simple yet challenging blend of offense, defense, build, and destroy options in a one-on-one combat environment. Multiple gameplay modes and options provide unique starting conditions and battle parameters. Develop attack patterns while building shield defenses at the same time in a completely open arena, or select pre-defined shield patterns before engaging in battle. You can also activate a build mode that lets you place your shield defenses before the match starts (in a race against another human player), or divide shield defenses evenly if playing a computer controlled opponent. Scalable AI difficulty, match duration, and single/double blast attack modes compliment the array of options available. Once you think you've mastered the entry level difficulty and options, try stepping up to a human opponent or the 'Expert' AI for a greater challenge.

Game Features:
- Four gameplay modes for specific shield options featuring Open Arena, Scattered, Formed, and Build First.
- Selectable round limits from 1 to 9 for desired match length.
- Adjustable skill levels for Computer/AI opponent including Novice, Good, and Expert.
- Double Blaster option for higher offensive damage levels and faster matches.
- Optional Drifting Physics option for more sliding and softer control response.
- Multiple control modes for each player (including Computer/AI for player 2) when played on supported devices.
- Clear RGB color structure for game entities (red and blue elements for each player, green for shields).
- Adjustable sound and music volume levels.

How to play:
Use the screen stick(s) to move your blaster around (or WASD for Player1 keyboard control, arrow keys for Player2 keyboard control, or directional mouse control if selected and available).

Use the FIRE button to shoot (spacebar for Player1 keyboard control, control key for Player2 keyboard control, button 1 for mouse). Use the SHIELD button to place shield units (I for Player1 keyboard control, enter for Player2 keyboard control, or button 2 for mouse). Shield units will fade away as they take damage. When a shield unit is destroyed, more energy is added to the shield energy bar (the green indicator). You can place shield units only when there is shield energy remaining. Shield energy is shared between both players, knock down your opponent's shield units to gain energy for yourself to build your defenses during battle.

The goal is to get 100 shots to hit your opponent's wall first. Block incoming enemy shots with either shield units or your blaster. You must balance the time you use to build defenses with attacking. Don't block your own attack strategy with shields you place. Don't overlap your shield units, doing so can allow a blast to damage both units, so make sure to spread them out.
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