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The description ARUnchained GPS Injector Apk

Companion app to the AppRadio Unchained mod that allows any app to use the GPS location from the head unit.
The GPS location from the head unit is injected using mock locations.

Purchase this only if you know what the AppRadio Unchained mod entails!
In particular note that ROOT access is required for AppRadio Unchained to work properly.
It's strongly recommended to try the AppRadio Unchained mod first before purchasing.
The following head units are supported: SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110 and SPH-DA210.
This app is not to be used with AppRadio Unchained Reloaded.

When installed as a system app it will enable/disable mock locations as needed.
It's then not necessary to enable the "Allow mock locations" option.

Head unit models that have built in navigation like AVIC-Z150BH, AVIC-F50BT and similar are not supported as Pioneer does not support sending of GPS data to the android device. If you are unsure, a test that can be done is to install Waze, if Waze can use the GPS of the head unit, ARUnchained GPS Injector works as well.

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10 recent comments of ARUnchained GPS Injector APK

Jemmar Morgan

Appradio 3 coupled with ARU is the greatest combination since Batman & Robin. Add this GPS injector app and you're set. Besides the odd time I get a bug or glitch it runs great. I never have to use my smartphone's data to enable GPS service because the headunit has its own GPS. I'm very happy with my purchases

Thomas Murdoch

I have issues with this app, but I loved AR Unchained for its simplicity in bypassing Pioneer's restrictive user interface. The developer of the gps injector has moved on to AR Unchained Reloaded, which has a few more features and feels more refined overall. I recommend that app over using the original.

Adrian Gonsalves

I tried on 2 phones. Samsung Galaxy nexus and lg g2. It just says starting service and never actually gets any coordinates. Is there any way I can refund my purchase

Amr Yassin

AppRadio unchained worked the mirror link perfect between my rooted note 2 & pioneer AVH 8650 BT ... but gmaps doesnot work at all ... installed the GPS injector and the same problem is on .. can this be solved or not please ...

Allen Conder

I have an Android HDMI Mini PC wired to my Appradio 2 with a 1TB HDD with all 30,000 of my songs and over 200 movies. My car is unmatched by even $1000 car systems.

younghoon kim

this app does what it says!! i had a problem moving on to lollipop, but developer was very speedy on questions i had and also had a solution for it. my nexus 5 connects to head unit all the time with full gps connected from headunit gps!!

Meir Miyara

By far the most used and awesome thing I have! Appradio 3 by pioneer is an OK car stereo but with arunchained and this GPS tool it is by far the most advanced car stereo on planet earth!!!!!

Jeff Harries

Excellent App for Note 3 and Pioneer App Radio in car head unit. Brilliant with AR Unchained! Use with Torque Pro app and $15 dollar OBD Dongle off ebay, Nav Free, etc. Brilliant.

Branoski Brana

Great app but; This could be great if it would start when the app radio is conected. with Tasker is posible to start the program bun not the connection. If it is possible can someone point me out where or how it is done? Help a brother here!!

Jean-Philippe Beauregard

It works perfectly with my GPe HTC one when it is connected to my SPH-DA110 head unit. On my particular phone, I did have to enable the '' allow mock locations '' setting in the developer settings in order for the GPS antennas to work.

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