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The description Bitcoin Wallet & Ethereum Ripple ZIL DOT Apk

Atomic Wallet is universal non-custodial app for over 300 cryptocurrencies. Secure, manage and exchange your assets right in your hand!

Exceptional security
Your private keys are encrypted on your device and never leave it. Only you have access to your funds. Atomic is build on top of common open source libraries.

Buy Bitcoin
You can buy various cryptocurrencies with your bank card right from the app.
Buy Bitcoin
Buy Ethereum
Buy Ripple XRP

Stake & Earn
Stake more than 10 of your assets like Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM), Tron (TRX), Komodo (KMD),, Band Protocol (BAND), Atomic Wallet Token (AWC), NEO, Algorand (ALGO) and counting, enjoying the decentralized zero-fee staking and receiving your rewards directly from validators.

Instant exchange
You can exchange a range of coins and tokens to any other just in one click. No external services needed. Provided by ChangeNOW.

Cachback Program
Atomic is the first decentralized wallet that launched the Membership program based on its native token AWC. All holders of AWC tokens can receive up to 1% rewards monthly for using a built-in exchange and buy crypto services.

Decentralization and Anonymity
Atomic is fully decentralized application. We don't store any of your data, don't require any verification for basic services. We never have access to your funds.

24/7 Live support
Our engineers are always happy to assist you by email [email protected] or live telegram chat @AtomicWallet

Smooth and handy interface
We are focusing on exceptional user experience. App is fully optimised for your device.

Supported cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Wallet BTC
Ethereum Wallet ETH
Ripple Wallet XRP
Cardano Wallet ADA
DASH Wallet
Tron Wallet TRX
Litecoin Wallet LTC
EOS Wallet
DogeCoin Wallet DOGE
Stellar Wallet XLM
DigiByte Wallet DGB
BitcoinCash Wallet BCH
Vechain Wallet VET
BitcoinSV Wallet BSV
Ontology ONG
NANO Wallet
ALGO Wallet
NEO Wallet
Nem Wallet XEM
QTUM Wallet
Binance Coin wallet + tokens
ERC20 Wallet all Tokens
BitcoinGold Wallet BTG
Waves Wallet
Lisk Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet & Ethereum Ripple ZIL DOT 0.68.5 APK Download BoxBack top

  • 0.68.5
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • December 12, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • d19ba12345fa18bbb19256bd69132010
  • - Claim ADA rewards fixed
    - Cashback added for Buy crypto
    - Fixed visual bug with NaN AWC in Membership screen
    - Staking ZIL - withdrawal fixed
    - Login issue fixed for low-performance devices
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  • 0.68.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • November 26, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 78e4d885ac55cb6ae188edecc1fb65de
  • - ADA decentralized staking available.
    - ICX decentralized staking available.
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  • 0.67.1
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • November 21, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 3fc323cc9e1a859f60f4a9b3c0ad3b10
  • ZEC, ZIL balance, sending fixed
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  • 0.67.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • November 13, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 64271f4f82332106821a1e60e1718e24
  • - gZIL - Governance ZIL token added. For each ZIL claimed from staking you will receive 0.001 gZIL
    - Membership screen added - hold AWC and receive cashback for exchange
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  • 0.66.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • November 2, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 696823fee2ba3bbe1d63db061d007690
  • - Added decentralized ZIL staking. Stake ZIL with Atomic Wallet validator.
    - Added Uniswap exchange support via Wallet Connect.
    - DOT sending fixed.
    - XMR stability and performance improved.
    - Price chart performance improved
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  • 0.65.1
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • October 17, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 59d101ba5f3a0a7b52dd5b4d0c918368
  • - DOT sending fixed
    - BAND sending/staking fixed
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  • 0.65.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • October 12, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • d827437f1823a5cf19c87453dd179453
  • Speeding up: instant balance and history updates for BTC, ETH, ERC20, BCH, BSV, ATOM, TRX, BTT, XRP, BTG, DGB, DASH, VET/VTHO, XTZ, DCR, RVN, LTC, ZEC, DOGE, QTUM KMD, BCD, BNB & BEP2 tokens.
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  • 0.64.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • September 23, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • e212426bd46a084d399c9122766b0015
  • - Welcome a new coin – Monero! Manage, exchange a fully anonymous coin XMR in a secure way, and stay in control of your funds.
    - Welcome Polkadot - a sharded protocol that enables blockchain networks to operate together.
    - UNI - Uniswap native token added
    - Claim ADA fixed for addresses with a big amount of UTXO
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  • 0.63.0
  • Android 7.x - Nougat (SDK: 24)
  • September 6, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • a52e7b9cf98c1fcd6584a669d45714e2
  • - ADA blockchain entered a new era with Shelley upgrade. The upgrade established a new address format. Please note, that your old ADA address will be automatically replaced with a new one. To transfer the balance from the old address to a new one please use gears icon in the coin page.
    - Diagram portfolio. Keep track of your portfolio and monitor you assets in a new visual format.
    - Price chart. Follow the market trends on a completely new level without leaving the app.
    - XVG sending fixed.
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  • 0.62.2
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • July 27, 2020
  • 7EE17C22DCDAC1289A3DDBC120D7E8550A1FAB6F
  • 88ad22027bb57808fc6ad141552162f4
  • ADA sending fixed
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