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Aviary Effects: Grunge PackAviary Effects: Grunge PackAviary Effects: Grunge Pack

The description Aviary Effects: Grunge Pack Apk

This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor.

You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aviary.android.feather&hl=en


Boost character and charm with six filters for aging and antiquing your photos.

Includes 6 killer effects.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

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10 recent comments of Aviary Effects: Grunge Pack APK

Traci Mack

Super cute!

amit 2230

Awesome App

Mario Donoso


A Google user

I paid for this crap and now I can't find it in my phone. I know it's a dollar but if I pay for something I would like to use it.

Cailin Howard

I absolutely love the effects on Aviary. It would be nice tho if there were more than six in a pack. Put nine or ten in a pack and I will happily pay for other effect packages.

Dinko Marinov

While the main Aviary editor is an excellent app, the filters packs add nothing but fugly unusable filters I would never want to deface my photos with.

Todd Burton

If you can't "find it" you are probably using an older version or Android below ICS.... Then use Share to edit.

Jon Phipps

This plugin is fun to use and easy enjoyable to everyone ages 1 to 100.

A Google user

I bought this application but I can't find it anywhere, where is it? No open cursor just uninstall one!

A Google user

I like knowing what an update is for before installing update. Can you tell us? Edit: nevermind! It's explained in Aviary. Thank you!

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