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Version 1.0.3
Size 31.40 MB (32,922,342 bytes)
Developer KeemWA Studios
Category Games, Arcade
Package Name com.KeemWA.BeatTwister
OS 4.4 and up

Beat Twister - Rotating puzzle game GAME description

Beat Twister is an electronic audio game inspired app
Beat Twister is a game that is inspired by old electronic audio games we played in our youth. Beat Twist includes 4 game modes. One comes free with the download and the other three are available for purchase. Players will rotate to 6 different facing knobs each with a different symbol and color while listening to some awesome beats.

Game Modes:

Original Mode (free with game):
In original mode players will rotate to different facing knobs to match the given color and shape. Each correct rotation earns one point and each incorrect rotation will disable the player input for a brief moment stopping them from earning more points during that time. Players will try to earn the most amount of points possible before the time runs out.

Memory Mode:
In memory mode there will be no timer but players will have to rely more on their brain then their twitch skills. Players will be shown the next color/shape in the sequence at which point they will have to rotate to each side of the sequence. A new side will be added to the sequence upon completion. Players will have to use their memory skills to complete the largest sequence possible.

Code Breaker:
In code breaker players will not be shown a shape or color like other game modes but they will have to guess which knob is the next knob in the sequence. If they are able to complete all of the correct rotations in sequence before the time runs out then they will win the game.

Triple Threat:
Triple threat brings the fun of the original mode but with a new twist. Player will be served up three color/shape combinations that will have to be rotated in sequence. This mode will require twitch reflexes along with the memory skills to be able to complete the maximum amount of sets within the given amount of time.
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