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Big Politics Inc. UK EditionBig Politics Inc. UK EditionBig Politics Inc. UK EditionBig Politics Inc. UK EditionBig Politics Inc. UK EditionBig Politics Inc. UK Edition

The description Big Politics Inc. UK Edition Apk

Take control of your own political party. Hire politicians and pick your leader and lead them to victory in 2020!

* Create your own party, or run an existing party
* Hire politicians and pick your leader
* Attract donations and build wealth to influence voters
* Watch the political landscape change and pass laws to influence it
* Run the right candidate in the right location
* Win elections, but watch your enemies and jump on their mistakes
* Realistic political simulation
* NEVER pay-to-win, fair game mechanics

This game is still under development with a lot of new features planned. Please head to one of the social media links above to contribute ideas and discuss if you know what you would like to see, or if you have a bug or a problem.

Another nice way to encourage the game is to leave a positive review, I hope you enjoy it!

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10 recent comments of Big Politics Inc. UK Edition APK

lantern / av w.

I don't understand how I have more coins than someone else yet I'm tanking in the polls and have no negative modifiers. Release a US version please!

A Google user

Really quick and easy game. Would be better if it was a bit more realistic, for example having a coalition if there is not a majority or being able to select cabinet members

Eagle Hero

It's ok I don't recommend I kinda want my money back add a coalition feature

Sam Rabey

Good game. Just wish there was more seats and more party's (like at least adding a fifth party like the greens) more of a help feature to is needed as I don't get some aspects of the game. I found this game good just some tweaks more seats needed

Stuart Taylor

Well, its kept me occupied for a couple of days - well worth the cash and I look forward to further development. Hope it doesnt become abandonware like Government did.....

Tyler Samuels

So now that everything is resolved, I can now 100% say this is one of the greatest games I've played. I hope in the future with updates, you could have a budget that you as the governing party can present. Obviously nothing complicated but similar to the sliding policies you already have. If you fail to pass your budget, snap elections are called. Hopefully something is added down the road that also incorporates forming a coalition government. But overall 10/10

Gordon Vaughan

After a little time it seems to have worked its way into my head. Pretty addictive. Looking forward to playing it longer term and seeing how it all plays out!

Rick Colemen

Love it. Exactly what I wanted from it. If I had to recommend any ideas for future updates, maybe allow for more party customisation e.g allow for the creation of more parties or parties with different starting ideologies.

Michael Fearon

Best game of its type on android. Developer is very active and made many changes for the better based on suggestions from beta testers

Paxton Decker

Fantastic, in depth political game! Amazing work!

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