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BitTorrent Live BetaBitTorrent Live BetaBitTorrent Live BetaBitTorrent Live BetaBitTorrent Live BetaBitTorrent Live Beta

The description BitTorrent Live Beta Apk

BitTorrent Live features live streaming TV networks free on your Android device. Alternative voices in news, action sports, live events, entertainment and cultural programming curated by BitTorrent. All your streaming video that needs to be live. We’re adding new channels every day.

Note: Given that BitTorrent Live works very close to the hardware and the vast differences in Android devices, we are being cautious in officially supporting devices before they are properly tested.

For more information about device support see:

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  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • February 19, 2017
  • 4BA3D1C39A5BD4606EAE8413F905E8D24DF28A2D
  • a908c916737bcc926e6a2c241d3e561d
  • New features:
    - playback controls
    - captions

    Bug fixes:
    - improve battery life when the app is backgrounded
    - fix crash on exit on Galaxy devices
    - fix scaling on Android TV
    - fix controls on Android TV
    - misc bug fixes

    Added support for Mi box and a few other devices.
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  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • January 29, 2017
  • 4BA3D1C39A5BD4606EAE8413F905E8D24DF28A2D
  • 2ac5e98210215b72924fa0812da48a16
  • Initial Android release.
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10 recent comments of BitTorrent Live Beta APK

Nacrocypher Nacrocypher

Well, 1st why must I connect to Wifi ? My 4G is faster than my Wifi and I have unlimited DATA plan. 2nd Why must I Sign up ?!!!!????!!! Finally, after signing up and connecting to Wifi: Stream Error, An unknown error occurred...and guess what, it kept my phone awake for 7H59M25S and counting....battery dead overnight....So thanks for wasting my time.

George Douitsis

Interesting idea but the execution is wonky. 3-4 channels only and not really worth watching. Sign in process? Why? Also, trying to switch channels is a royal pain... Uninstalling until u guys improve things

Mark McGowan

I like where this could go and the app works fine. Registering is annoying. Limited channels (20) for now which needs to expand and improve on the channel selections. The app itself needs to improve on the interface (a do-over). Trying to scroll from side-to-side to view channels automatically scrolls to the end/beginning. Have to leave finger on the screen to scroll naturally. Needs a cast function to send to TV.

Teoman Ertan

They ask you to register and confirm your email... DONE! Tried to login, can't login at all...Too many errors to simply try it out! No thanks, it's a waste of time. Sad thing is now they have my confirmed email address!!! They will be marked as spammers!!!

Ben Vezzani

Native chromecast support would make this a five-star app. But because of the nature of BitTorrent streaming, that may not be feasible. It does work well, but has limited usefulness on my phone.

James Mc

I'm not sure why everyone is having so many issues, I've been watching tv on here all day. I know the selection is small but come on guys, the app just came out give them some time to work out the bugs and add some services. If you're having issues, try emailing the developers fist before sending out bad reviews, how are they going to fix the issues if your not contacting them?

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