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Discover and download on your home computer from anywhere.

What is BitTorrent® Remote?
BitTorrent Remote is a simple and secure app that enables you to access BitTorrent on your home computer from anywhere. Just create an account from BitTorrent on your computer and you're done. There's no complicated network setup required.

Want to download torrents directly to your Android device? Download BitTorrent® for Android here:

Add, remove, start, stop downloads on your home computer
Check download progress
Check your RSS feeds
Automatically add torrents to your home BitTorrent client from your mobile browser
Shift completed downloads to your Android device for local playback

How do I get started?
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  • 1.0.20111104
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 13, 2016
  • FDAB091A7F01C80312E5415B06ACE98E5FD505C5
  • c4560a3b306b45490af57975b148ec37
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  • 1.0.20111027
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 7dc4e2c82d5fb0004a1acbd24a7d32c7
  • Added missing library.
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10 recent comments of BitTorrent® Remote APK

Jason D

Having RSS feeds prevents me from logging in with the remote. Have to shut them down which sucks because that's what I'm watching to get the latest downloads going. Great app if you're surfing sites and snagging individual torrents. I like how it allows me to control and convert the files and even send them to my phone. The idea is fantastic, just needs a few tweaks. Great start though!

Jeremy Dukette

The app is supposed to allow you to remotely access your torrent downloads (PC) on your cell. (For starting, stopping, pausing and removing torrent files.) This is not to remotely view your downloaded torrent files. Anyways, this and utorrent are the same remote. Both have same set up and must be made by same people. This app will not go any further than logging in. Says error: problem decrypting or something like that. I've tried this and utorrent. Both have same error, needs fixing immediately.

Richard Lister

Great app. I just sit at home, think of what I want to listen to in work the next day, get it downloading and it's there waiting for me in the morning when I arrive. All these people giving it a bad rating because they have no use for it!! You wouldn't buy something from a shop you didn't want or need and then complain about it. I don't need a barbie doll, so I don't get one.

A Google user

If you normally download or seed torrents and use your computer as a server when doing so, this is a great app. All I have to do is set up my torrents and leave my computer alone to do its thing. The only thing this app is missing is a 'finish' notification and a 'connection lost' notification for the torrents.

B Nagpal

Used to work fine. Was a great app. But recently Note 3 4.4.2 not been able to open the app. It keeps crashing every time I try. Worked fine on the old Android. Emailed developer number of times but no reply

Dusan Radojkovic

Got some issues but otherwise wery useful app. I have problems with staying loged in, also when I add new torrent I must log out than re-log in to see changes. There are so much good sides there's not enaugh room to writhe them all :)

A Google user

Good for changing global download/upload speeds and starting/stopping downloads when you need to and you're not at your computer. That's about it. And I'm not really even sure when that would ever come up. No useful seeding information is visible.

Nicholas Varley

Always force closes and refuses to log in multiple times before logging in. HTC One, update... Log in works but it now tells me decryption error! I'm done with BitTorrent apps, I'll find one from another developer and since you developed uTorrent stuff it won't be one of those either.. it gives me the same error.

A Google user

I can get the remote to only work once in a blue moon. Keeps giving me an error saying the server timed out. Would be an awesome app if this didn't happen.

Tom Kitson

Great for checking the progress of a download, changing download speeds and starting/pausing downloads, however lacks much of the control the desktop program brings. There are several bugs too: whenever I reopen the app it says that I've been disconnected, when I've checked to re-login on start. Also when I pause a download, instead of saying paused it says 'unknown'. Mediocre remote, but fix these issues and 5 stars.

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