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Version 1.3.8
Size 11.37 MB (11,917,477 bytes)
Developer Cyan Canyon
Category Games, Arcade
Package Name com.cyancanyon.blasted_lite
OS 2.1 and up

Blasted Thieves Lite GAME description

Tower defense for the world's great tower defenders!
a letter arrived for you today...

Dear You,

We know you've got some very interesting and valuable treasures. We also heard you've hidden them all throughout the realms, attempting to keep them from us. Your endeavors are laughable; we are coming for your stuff. We're sure you'll try to defend your loot with your silly towers, but we've got some tricks up our sleeves and some friends to help us out.

We'll see you soon.

-- The Thieves

The thieves have come to pillage. You have many resources at your disposal to defend yourself, but the thieves can be tricky. You'll need a solid strategy to safeguard your loot from the thieves and their conniving friends.

For those who are already familiar with the tower defense genre...
* Blasted Thieves use an open-route style rather than a fixed-path style, so you have to build your own maze.
* The thieves are smart enough to actively avoid your most damaging towers (Normal and Difficult modes) rather than just taking the shortest path (Easy mode).
* There are several special upgrades for each tower beyond simply being "stronger", such as Strategy which lets you define which thief that tower considers priority.
* Each tower has strengths and weaknesses against specific thieves, compelling you to use a variety of defenses.
* Every attacker has distinct characteristics that make it more or less difficult for each tower, and some don't even count against you if they reach your loot! ...those are the ones that are there to attract your towers' attention so the others can get by. Looking at you, ghost pirates.
* There is an almanac that gives you the down-low on all thieves, towers, and upgrades. If you want to make it far in Difficult mode, you'll need it.

Get the full version for access to all of the realms and battlefields.

For those who like the numbers...
~2000 waves in 25 battlefields in 6 realms, 3 play modes, 3 difficulty modes, 15 thieves, 10 towers each with 6 levels of upgrade, 4 researches plus a specialized research for each tower, 3 achievement levels per battlefield, 6 preferences, 5 ways of categorizing the high scores, 29 almanac entries, 30+ sound files, 200+ image files, 400+ classes and 40,000+ lines of code. There were previously 2 donuts, but I've eaten them.
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