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The description Blocked® - Minimal Block Puzzle Game Apk

Blocked® is a simple yet challenging block puzzle game with a twisted mechanic of sudoku and classic block puzzle game. Are you ready for this challenging puzzle?

How to play?

The goal is to keep the board clean by eliminating horizontal and vertical lines as well as the 3x3 cubes by simple drag and dropping the generated shape blocks. Keep the board as clean as possible to become the ultimate master of the Blocked puzzle game.

If there will be no room for the shape blocks to be placed, the game will be over, so prepare your every move strategically.

Blocked® is an ultimate puzzle game with 5 different Game Modes:

😉 Classic Mode
This is the classic block game mode that you are familiar with but with a twisted sudoku mechanic as mentioned above.

⏰ Time Mode
In a specific given time, you have to score as many points as possible. Also as you clear the lines and cubes the given time will keep on increasing. Beat the time with your quick moves!

💣 Blast Mode
Tick Tick Tick, Boom! Try eliminating all the bombs before it explodes by clearing the lines or 3x3 cube. The bomb will blast when the counter is over, so let’s see do you have that thrill, patience, and strategic mind to plan your every move and eliminate all the bombs.

💪 Advanced Mode
If you are already a pro in classic block puzzles, try being pro with our all-new advanced mode where you will get new shapes that you might not have seen in any other block game so far. Challenge yourself with those additional shape blocks.

💯 Challenge Mode
This mode is for all the challenging players, who can clear all the bombs in a given time, and you will be equipped with all the additional shape blocks from the advanced mode which will be highly difficult for even pro players. Yes, you heard it right, this mode is the combination of Time mode, Bomb mode, and Advanced mode.

Game Features:

★ Clean, Minimal, and classic black and white game design to relieve you from your stress.
★ Separate Leaderboard for each game mode.
★ You can reset the board and make a new start from the setting menu in each mode.
★ Best minimal themes to choose from(Day / Night mode).
★ Turn Music and Sound On/Off separately.
★ AutoSave your game in each mode separately, so you can play any mode at any time from where you left.
★ Equipped with 12 different languages to choose from.
★ Totally Free & easy to play but very tough to master.
★ Tons of different shape blocks available for you to move and eliminate to keep the board clear.
★ Equipped with lots of smooth animations as well as sound effects for a soothing experience.

Blocked® is the best minimal game offering a very unique, challenging, and rewarding experience to make you feel relaxed while playing and our goal is to relieve you from all the daily stress and anxiety. So let’s train your brain and develop your logic with this simple yet difficult block game.

Also, don’t forget to share this game with your friends so you can compare scores and challenge them as well with your high score.

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  • 1.0.5
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • January 13, 2021
  • FCB5191FFB17405A93207CD49564F0A1D9E4B3FE
  • 9cc6ccfd77e60792e58879e7fa6130ab
  • Minor Bugs Fixed
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