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Blocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic RacingBlocky Highway: Traffic Racing

The description Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing Apk

Blocky Highway is about racing traffic, avoiding trains, collecting cars and most importantly having fun. Collect coins, open prize boxes to get new cars and complete collections! Drive at full speed to score big and be the #1.

Crash time! Control your car after crash, hit traffic cars for extra score!

Key Features
- Gorgeous voxel art graphics
- 3 worlds to choose from
- 45 different vehicles to drive : Taxi, Tank, Ufo, Police Car, Army 4x4, Dragster, Monster, Space Shuttle
and so much more
- Crash time
- 9 car collections to complete
- 3 game modes
- Endless easy mode for kids
- Missions
- Game Services Leaderboards
- Desert, Snow and Green themes
- Achievements

You will enjoy this endless traffic racer for sure!

Please leave a rating and give your feedback so we can further improve the game.

Created By Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, Blocky Roads, Redline Rush and Dead Venture.

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  • 1.2.2
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • November 15, 2018
  • ABCA887A06AA888E6D12F4E0772DAC545AE6577B
  • fb86fd55cdb8ebcfd78d9423cd35377f
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  • 1.2.1
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • April 6, 2016
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  • 1.2.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 5f8e19f317a1177b19d5fd1f80be55cec052f60f
  • f1b0a9c0848745903ab961d6de3af3f6
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  • 1.1.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 7f24f14923ade5c24df68b796828fe82
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  • 1.0.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 174a493e81b465f8a79ab4161c6ef0d8
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10 recent comments of Blocky Highway: Traffic Racing APK

A Google user

Best game! I have never played something like that. Please add more cars and more places. I just can't wait to see the next update! But the problem is that our cars should also stop and not move without acceleration. Please make gates at the railway crossing and also improve the face of the train engine. Keep improving it but still I have given 5 stars so that you can improve it as soon as possible. Thanks!

CoolJeffrey33 Roblox Gameplaysmore

Hard to get coins (have to buy or watch ads)limited car selection, nothing really special or amusing besides heli boost and truck boost and a Tiny construction part. Needs more of Fun and cars. Then I Might reconsider changing my review to 5 stars.THANK YOU FOR READING THIS REVIEW.

arjay pellejera

This game was amazing for my 3yr old son. He loves this game but he accidentally uninstalled the app and now he lost all the vehicles he unlocked. The restore purchases didn't work out for us and now he cries everytime he tries to choose one of his old vehicles because it locked. Better I download another app for him. Thanks alot!

Toryn123 Chua

This game is really aweome and too easy,its really getting hard to get what car you want. And the thing i hate about it the most is that the game automatically drives for you. So pleas make it so that we could just drive on our own without any thing helping us!!!please!!!

Jeremy Ataco

Great time killer. There is however a bug where you could spend 100 coins to get a car, then recieve a car that you already own. That is quite annoying.


Fixed bug (with just 2 vehicles left to win, game would offer the 3 hidden packages and claim that I chose wrong 1 every time). Thanks! Love it again (even though I own all cars)!

Justin Chyle Santos

I want you guys pls update the, game and add a new collection of cars or maybe a new terrain like rain or night pls put this game some updates thats what ive been waiting for, and im sure the other players will agree so pls UPDATE!!! Then ill rate 5

EthanLovesPokémon MSM


Kayla Bissainthe

You should add 2 more game modes! One game mode could be getting chased by The police and you have to slow them down, another game mode could be city game mode, where you have to obey traffic systems, no speeding and stuff like that, if you disobey that stuff then you could get chased by the police!

nick deri

Fix the tank shooting please. If you hit a car, you don't destroy it, even though it turns black and begins to smoke. Still one of the best games out there.

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