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Bluetooth Headset BatteryBluetooth Headset BatteryBluetooth Headset Battery

The description Bluetooth Headset Battery Apk

Bluetooth Headset Battery Widget is a revolutionary new way to measure how much battery is left on you Bluetooth remote device. The battery widget works with all Bluetooth devices that can be paired with Android. You can use it with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth headphones.

Your headset has no battery indicator? This can be fixed! Bluetooth Headset Battery Widget measures how long a Bluetooth device (e.g. a headset or headphones) has been connected. If you configure the maximum running time of the headset battery, the widget can tell you how much battery time your headset has left. You can also see how long your headset or headphone has been running without a recharge.
Bluetooth Headset Widget Features
- Measures the connection time of a Bluetooth device (headset/headphone)
- Tells you how much battery time is left until you need a recharge
- Automatically stops the counter when the Bluetooth device disconnects
- Can display a warning notification to remind you to connect the power to the headset battery
- Can display a small battery power indicator in the notification bar, similar to your phones battery display. In this way you will never miss an empty battery on your Bluetooth headset
- Can monitor multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Just add several instances of the widget to your home screen and select a different Bluetooth device.
- Successfully tested with a broad range of headsets and headphones

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  • 1.2
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • May 23, 2017
  • d419d098871f92560285465ace3bf785
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  • 1.1
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair (SDK: 6)
  • January 15, 2016
  • 326E732C7591282CEDF5047BAC6D67CAB5DB76F4
  • 24b0f18bef51b461e18801eff53a1a25
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  • 1.0.1
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair (SDK: 6)
  • January 15, 2016
  • 0936312b7209cea03e62c7d636b367dc
  • - Allow battery running times greater than 99 hours
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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair (SDK: 6)
  • January 15, 2016
  • ce9d1ad4d43b31a69174754f72494fa2
  • - Allow battery running times greater than 99 hours
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10 recent comments of Bluetooth Headset Battery APK

Ali Ayyash

The app does not show real battery percentage but it shows power on time for the bluetooth device which is helpful for me. I know that my bluetooth headphones can last about 5 hrs and knowing how long it has been on gives you an idea of how long it can stay on before it runs out of battery and shuts down. Thus app is helpful for me but because it does not show real battery status I cannon give it a 5 star rate. ???

Christopher Bailey

It's true, this isn't really reading how much battery power is left in your bluetooth headset. Instead you tell the app how long you think your headset battery will last. It then makes a count down. But this is still useful, as all I was doing before was trying to remember when I turned on the headset. This does that for me. So I'm giving it 4 stars

Frank Cuschieri

Perfect! This app does what its supposed to. Lets you keep track of how long a registered Bluetooth device has been on. Then when its close to running out of juice it up to you to charge it and reset the time counter. Pretty simple really, too bad people put up bad reviews based on misconceptions of what this app is actually designed to do.

Matthew Hurst

Meets the description to a T and then some! Absolutely phenomenal, great app, works flawlessly! Couldn't recommend this anymore! Going to tell all my friend about this! - HTC 10 (Device) - Bluedio U Plus UFO Pro (12 Drivers) [Headset]

Milt Baker

This is a great app!!! I want to be sure my headset doesn't go dead while I am at the gym and this gem solves the problem. You set the amount of running time that the headset battery is good for (in my case 8 hours) and set it to count backwards and you get the hours remaining and a battery meter. When you recharge headphones you simply reset connection time. back to 8 hours Also gives a low battery warning at a run time you set. I would argue this is more accurate than the battery voltage meter that is used by iOS. Can't believe all the negative reviews; seems like some people don't understand how to use it. Motorola G5+ with Android 7.1

Manuel K

I like this app a lot. But for quite a few weeks now, it is bugging and keeps disconnecting my device at random. Therefore it's not tracking accurately... Does what it's supposed to do, so normally it's a 5 star rating. Due to the temporary inaccuracy, I will only give it 3 stars. PLEASE fix this bug. I would appreciate it a lot. 5 stars when the bug is fixed. Note: my device is a Beoplay A1

Eddy Itune

Works only for the 1st time when connected. After that it doesn't show the exact battery level. Says it's low even after fully charging the Bluetooth speaker. So I'm forced to delete the app & reinstall to work again

David Wynn

Really helpful and showed me I could get over 8 hours with my headphones. The warning's great as I'd always forget to charge them too. It might not show percentages but the widget icon changes to show battery status.

Dimitri Simonishvili

C'mon guys, this app is awesome, it does what it says. It's not mentioned to show bluetooth device's percentage, instead of this it can show you how long your Bluetooth device was connected if you know approximately how much you BT device can last. This was incredibly helpful for my case. When you charge your Bluetooth device, you should reset connection time and widget will show full battery. You should understand app's logic, so don't write bad and inappropriate rewiews.


I installed it to help monitor my Bluetooth speaker battery and turns out it wasn't detecting it and it was paired!! Worst app to me don't download.

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