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The description Bluetooth Music Player Free Apk

A full music player enriched with Bluetooth music sharing between Android devices!

Bluetooth Music Player is a unique app on market that, apart from being complete music player app, provides real-time audio streaming from one phone to another, using Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is to connect another device that also has Bluetooth Music Player installed, and when you press Play button, music will play on both devices at the same time.

***Important note: Bluetooth Music Player does NOT stream music to Bluetooth headsets, watches, Playstation, Wii or any device that is not an Android phone or tablet. Also, you need to pair devices from within the app. If they still wont pair, go to phone settings and un-pair devices you’re trying to connect.

With this awesome app, you can amplify your music by streaming it on two phones at once, and listen it in stereo mode without any wires. Then, you can use it to share music with friend while travelling, for example, and be sure you are listening the same part of the song, even with meters and meters of distance between. Last, but not least, you can use Bluetooth Music Player as a regular mp3 player. For your convenience, we made user interface clean and simple, and file managing easy, so you could focus on listening great music, not handling the app.

This is ad-supported app, but doesn’t have any limitations in regard to paid version. If you would like a version without sometimes annoying ads, you can buy ad-free version here:

♫ Synchronized and controllable audio streaming and playback on two devices over Bluetooth
♫ Simple but powerful user interface, easy audio management system
♫ Mute sound without interrupting streaming
♫ Automatic disconnect/reconnect to audio streaming phone
♫ Works best on Android 2.2 or higher
♫ 6 different player backgrounds

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  • 2.0.3
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 13, 2016
  • A5164E3EBED5511992A914E204BDB918AF05DAC7
  • dbc5d364d2087e9f2df27feecae9e197
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10 recent comments of Bluetooth Music Player Free APK

michel glorian

I enjoyed this app, it works with my android 6 and 5 devices ... BUT when it works, you can NOT touch anything otherwise the connection breaks, and you need 4 clicks on ech device to reactivate it... I wanted to use it like a "bluetooth relay" : I sacrifice my old phone and I can thus turn an old speaker into a bluetooth speaker ... But the connection breaks really too often. No update since 2013 ... Will never be updated anymore ? Thanks, nice app otherwise

Mike Shepherd

This worked without problem straight away, but then hasn't worked since. Has big problems connecting devices, shuts down and locks Bluetooth without warning, when they do pair it either just wont play or lags terribly. If it worked like the first time it would get 5 stars plus.

Allison Kuhl

I start to ay some music but it is just air horn sounds or hip hop/rap loops, i can look up any music i wanna play! So stupid!

manjunath bijapur

Dear I am using Samsung tab 2 and my headset is plantronics Bluetooth. Me not able listen songs over Bluetooth. In menu I selected option listen music over bluetooth later I waited for few min then also it was not connected. It really works to listen music or not. Pl help me to solve my problem. Waiting for your reply. Sorry I given only one start just fomality. After using I wil promptly.

timothy burris

App worked without a hitch when connecting my old android device. Simple music pkauer seems to work well. The problem with the app is that there is a delay from the device that is mimicking when sending audio from one device to another. If this could be fixed and both devices would play music simultaneously as advertised this would be a killer app.

Tom Wulve

The concept is all good, however connectivity and execution currently lack. Tested with rooted lg optimus f3 as tge sender, then a samsung galaxy tab 2/7.0 as the reciever. My personal experience when i change songs on the phone, the samsung tablet changes songs in its own library, and does not broadcast what the lg phone is trying to send. Its close but no cigar, 3 stars, good player, wished the bluetooth details worked just as well

Dhruv Vishwakarma

Using a HTC one and an HTC sensation, it was basically non functional, and when it finally started streaming, died in 10 secs when I was about to dance. Best of luck to the dev, though, this could be a great app for putting spare phones to work.

Riley Cassel

Didn't work reliably between any of a dozen quad core tablets & phones. Stock, rooted, Cyanogen, didn't matter. Stuttered, played the wrong song, lagged by 5+ seconds, etc. Hope it works someday.

bret longbottom

This works just fine, but there's a lag from one phone to another. I used two HTC One devices. So having the best out there and there's still a lag is rather dissapointing to me. Get the lag fixed and I would love this app. Especially because this is the only app that will play music over two devices wirelessly. Hope you guys fix this.

Pratik Sawant

Hi all, This app will only work if you have installed Mono Bluetooth Router.... or else it will not work.. I faced problems in the initial time, but later on it was fixed... this app only works with the combination with Mono Bluetooth router.

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