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Boltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness AnytimeBoltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness AnytimeBoltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness AnytimeBoltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness AnytimeBoltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness AnytimeBoltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness Anytime

The description Boltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness Anytime Apk

Featured by Forbes, CNBC, Economic Times and more!

Boltt Health helps you track your sleep, diet, workouts and gives you personal insights and feedback so you can make smarter choices to improve your health, lose weight and crush your goals.

This is the FIRST complete health, fitness and weight loss app that includes a built-in personal coach to make sure you get fit and lose weight!

The automated A.I. trainer will ask you what you ate and give you feedback on your exercise, sleep and eating habits. It will track your health, detect patterns and give insights on your sleep, nutrition, and activity through an automated chat mechanism.

The Health Score combines your health, fitness and lifestyle level to give ONE number that says it all It is the most tangible measure of your health. Compare your score with your friends to know where you stand!

Enjoy a fun collection of scientifically designed workouts & exercises created by global fitness experts - guaranteed to get you fit. Designed to burn maximum calories in a short time, our workouts are based on interval training plans that involve walking, running and sprinting in quick successive intervals. Choose from more than 200 workouts tailor-made for your goal, fitness level, and body type!

The app tracks live data like speed, distance, calories, pace, acceleration, power output and much more while you run. Log your workouts from a database of more than 2000 exercises

Get real-time guidance, instructions, and motivation from the Audio Coach while you work out. Your trainer gives you live coaching on form, speed, technique, and posture and helps you perform your workout better for optimal results.

The key to effective and guaranteed weight loss is the right combination of exercises and healthy eating. Our weight loss plans are designed around your schedule, fitness targets and all body types and physical levels. Plans include short interval training running workouts and healthy meal plans with yummy recipes to achieve your weight loss goals.

Log meals in our database of over 4 mn food items, to get a micro level meal by meal nutrient analysis.Access personalized diet plans tailored to body type and goals. Forget manual logging. Now you can also click a picture of your food and track its nutrients! Explore our library of sumptuous recipes, customised to your palette. Use the food grades, to get important information on how to improve your diet.

By syncing with Google Fit, you can track your daily active minutes, steps, distance, burned calories and flights!

Connect with multiple data sources including the sensors built-in in your phone, Boltt Hardware, third-party apps and services and a host of medical devices. Boltt Health supports all popular wearable devices and apps and can sync data from multiple sources including Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Alta HR, Garmin Forerunner, Samsung Gear Fit and more!

Even connect to popular fitness apps including Play Music, myfitnesspal, Jawbone, Fitbit, Google Fit.


Subscription Pricing and Terms
Boltt Health is free to download with the option to start a free trial of up to 1 month. For premium coaching features, we offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans at very compelling prices.
Payment will be charged to your credit card through your Google account. Subscription renews automatically unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.

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  • 1.2.16
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • April 10, 2019
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • c8a4ba54c711e0970a5c3f7a48f7b646
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  • 1.2.15
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • November 18, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • cdef2200ff2c203641fae9092f5b73dc
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  • 1.2.14
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • October 4, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • f6fa284e372d93f096e0e1de23905c07
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  • 1.2.13
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • September 21, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • d877e1cdc9617f40f2fe11889a8aa4b1
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  • 1.2.12
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • September 15, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • 73e79bb03df7fea764078ddf27bf2a43
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  • 1.2.11
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • August 26, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • ecb2eb8d71aaa4c62121147345357e2b
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  • 1.2.10
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • August 1, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • 2792efd3c4c1772fc0ca63e145bb970a
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  • 1.2.9
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • July 8, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • c2c973b2cab1432f798c2859efb6e218
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  • 1.2.3
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • March 1, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • 359d901c60f7cc3311995d7dacf83d48
  • - Added New Boltt Empower Support
    - Added New Beat 3.0 Support
    - Added Support for Stride Sensor
    - Improved Connectivity for Beat 2.0 & Boltt Fit
    - Resolved Background Notification Issue in Boltt Fit
    - Heart Rate & Data Syncing From Dashboard
    - Removal of Smart Data Management, Now On Activity it will display data from Single Data Source either Boltt Fitness Tracker or From Mobile Sensor.
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  • 1.2.2
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • February 23, 2018
  • 9F40FE9F61D3F43B40278A6DE2B769BB5E44C5E6
  • f291d963fda03e441ff0ec0760e01dbe
  • -Temporary Roll Back of version 1.2.1.
    - Kindly update to this version(1.2.2) until next version update.
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10 recent comments of Boltt Health: Get Fit & Healthynow,Fitness Anytime APK

Armando Halder

Well firstly, the app is really really slow. But overall UI is pretty nice. As per the app I should be eating around 900 calories, which is ridiculous! Food tracking is ok still quite hard to search and scroll down to find your dish! I do strength training also and they don't have a coaching plan for that yet!

Santanu Maiti

Another bad app by Boltt. App is very slow synchronize problem with band several time.Firmware upgrade is also not working properly and even when I update the latest firmware it's again show the update of same version of firmware. The notification settings is still not there in this app. Fix these problems as early as possible.

Iva Samanta

Bro, why does the app close itself when I try to sign up and why can't I use the same account which I use for Boltt track app. Please fix it Bro

Kumar Kumar

Over hyped and paid reviews. Beware!

D.L. Tejas

The app is nice but still has so many issues and the worst part is that the firmware upgrade option is full of bugs,i recommend from my experience to never update your tracker with this option,it crashed my beat tracker!!!!and now its stuck in DFU mode!!!!????,give me solution to this!!!!

Mohammad haish

After update the app app not working properly lots of issues in sleep monitoring

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