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View and access all your bookmarks directly from the home screen! Available in 2x2 and 2x3 sizes, the Bookmarks Widget allows you to:
• Sort and re-order bookmarks
• Gain quick access to your favorite websites from your home screen
• Sync your bookmarks across any platform with Dolphin Connect for easy access

Bookmarks Widget is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons, visit:

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  • 3.4
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 98d24f750540c07ace78f8f4c45b689f
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10 recent comments of Bookmarks Widget APK

Diblo Rainbow

When you click the bookmark from the widget, it should open a new tab not use a tab that's already open and It doesn't work most of the time anyways. I click the bookmark and the browser would open but the specific webpage doesn't and that's kind of a big deal since that's the main purpose of the widget.

j king

Doesn't show up in widget list. I tried this to see if I could rearrange my bookmarks, e.g move folders around or in an out of one another, disappointing...Uninstalled (whatever it was) ?

A Google user

I love the browser but your widget doesn't work well for my wife or me. When you go to widget and hit a bookmark on the widget,which is set up nicely, just gives us a blank screen as if trying to open. We then have to tap the dolphin icon in the corner and open the page another way. PLEASE fix this. HTC EVO LTE from Sprint.

A Google user

As with all of their apps this works great and is so much better than the stock browsers widgit. When first dl it didn't show but after rebooting it was there. Happend on both my tablets, needs to be sorted as noticed a few ppl didn't have it show on their devices so gave bad review.

Sijumon Gopalakrishnan

I am a happy customer. Using tab s lollipo 5.0.2. However, there is a small issue. I have stored my favorites website in Dolphin browser in my way of order. But in bookmark widget it showing exactly in reverse order. Please correct this.


Nice little app. Works okay on my Nexus 5 lollipop but the ordering of the bookmarks is alphabetical but from Z-A. Incredible annoying especially as in Dolphin itself they're all sorted correctly. Any advice?

Gerald W

When a person does a review of a product it should contain both pros and cons. Developers don't want people to list the cons so they say if you have a problem Email us don't put it in the here. They're afraid of losing potential new customers if they see a gripe in ratings. If they can't take a negative rating then quit developing. The majority of apps here (Google play store if you can't comprehend moron) don't answer email's, but put it in rating they answer right away. So shut up let people rate

Greg B.

Sad, but the widget doesn't even show up on my menu pages. Such a good browser should keep up with the operating system and newer phones.

JJ Zman

Galaxy S6. Widget button only gives explanation of what it should do but it does nothing

Athar Khan

Every time machine automated reply. I don't understand you guys handling feedback. You never actually see what I'm trying to say. All ways your answers are copy paste. I said ' When we tap on any of the bookmark in bookmark widget then it should open in a new tab IRRESPECTIVE OF WHATEVER THE SETTINGS ARE IN DOLPHIN BROWSER. can you make this feature available work only bookmark manager widget? And no STUPID copy paste reply from frieda PLEASE. Also sometimes the bookmark widget will be empty.

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