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2016 New Year Blockbuster
Reminds the most pure feeling of game
and recalls the full memory of childhood.

First sandbox act game, gets fun with all the world.
Create your own maps, make the jealous from others.
Various maps make your creativity reach towards the sky!
Just for fun, just for fun, just for fun!

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  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • May 1, 2017
  • 463928D511D2EB8E3301F87A3CA5220121701ECC
  • 569a19930b00f45f6ca2c0e22a9998dd
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10 recent comments of BoxMaker APK

Tre'Von McCray

The only way the game would ever losd, is you ha e to keep the phone on and don't close the game out. You have to wait about 5-10min max (if you have best connection, hopefully it'll load faster. If not, then it's the same like on my end) and the game will load up eventually. This need to be fox if possible. I would love to play this on a mobile version and hope for more updates to this game. It's pretty cool and all, but the loading time just kills it. Please fix this.

Ammon Cox

Won't load and an obvious rip off. I'll just watch giant bomb mess with it instead of trying to make this thing run

Cody Carey

Found out about this game from the giant bombcast. Thought about checking it out. Now it won't load. Somehow I think it's all Jeffs' fault.

Christopher Galvin

Keeps telling me my energy is full and there are new levels. Its funny cause it wont load so how am i using energy.

Lava Girl


Jadin The Gamer

I hate it but i had to for my Youtube channel

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