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Brown Bear Meetup makes networking easy.

Networking with people can be challenging. A busy schedule, an inconvenient location, a fear for public speaking, and uneasiness to start a conversation with a stranger, can be barriers to reaching out and expanding your social network. Brown Bear Meetup is designed to overcome those barriers so that a large group of people can join from their mobile devices to socialize via private interactions.

Brown Bear Meetup allows any person to schedule and attend a virtual meetup. A participant can record and upload a pitch video before or during the meetup. All pitch videos are shared among meetup participants to help them learn each other. Once two participants find common interest, they can immediately enter a private video chat session. A queuing mechanism helps participants to handle multiple chat requests and reduce unnecessary waiting.

The goal of Brown Bear Meetup is to remove inefficiencies and awkwardness common in physical meetup so that people can maximize networking efficiency when expanding and nurturing their social networks. Brown Bear Meetup is a flexible platform that suits both formal and informal applications. It can help trade associations or alumni associations to promote member interactions. It can be used to organize a virtual job fair by universities or career centers. It can be used to host a founder/cofounder mixer by a startup community. It can be a place where like-minded people regularly meet and make new friends.

To schedule a meetup, just pick a date/time and the system will send you a link which you can share with anyone you want to invite. Clicking the link launches the app and directs a user to a meetup login page. The user only needs to provide a name and a photo to join the meetup (no registration is required). Optionally, the user may record and upload a pitch video. After logging in, the user can browse the name/photo of other participants and any pitch videos available. If the user invites someone for a video chat, the system will automatically queue in the invitation and arrange a private video chat session whenever both parties become available. System closely monitors availability of all users and sends out reminders/invitations so that everyone's networking need can be accommodated.

Please give Brown Bear Meetup a try and let us know if there is anything we can do to better serve your networking need.

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  • 0.31.2
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • November 10, 2017
  • DE199FE5DABFF979E6D1225165F4D2C240D51F56
  • 1c71bbdd70bcfbb9b290ab2d73427720
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