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BTS City gameBTS City gameBTS City gameBTS City gameBTS City game

The description BTS City game Apk

A tribute game for Bangtan Boys. 7 stations around the city features 7 mini games:
*** Chibi Linking: Connect same chibis without intersection between lines
*** Wheel Of Song: Spin for listening duration
*** Differences: Find 3 differences between 2 photos
*** Magic Ball: Drop the ball to the hat
*** Bomber: Stop the timer bomb as close as possible
*** Pinwheel: Rotate the pinwheel to catch the block
*** Tap Order: Just tap as the order

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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread (SDK: 9)
  • March 22, 2016
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10 recent comments of BTS City game APK

Rachel Pickering

I love this game and will give you a higher rating if you change the colors of the pinwheel. You can't tell the difference between the red and orange dots. Its so frustrating. Please fix this!!

Aaliyah Sims

This game is fun but Tae's level is ridiculously hard... like I got to 4.89 seconds by luck! And the spot the difference between the two picture... some of them where like it weird places but overall all I liked that one. And the tapping Jungkook 39 times was weird because it told me that I tapped him 120 times O_o... oh and btw for everyone who had a problem with tap the smallest, it's a trick question... when you read "tap the smallest" there's a small picture next to it... that's the smallest. Oh and the orange and red balls are to close in color. Oh and you can unlock the next level without completing the one right before it by playing an easier level more then once... I played the song level (my favorite btw) to unlock the spinning wheel one and the tapping one. I hope this is helpful to someone. ??


I like it a lot but Tae's level is absolutely impossible. I'm going to have to uninstall this app because there's no point in keeping it if you can't do anything.

Amanda Springstead

Either I'm too stupid to finish the final level or the game has a counting glitch. That's seriously dumb.


I love this game but the only problem is that level 5 is too hard!!! Whats the fun if you cant get past a level and if you are at the last round and do a wrong answer, it sends you to the beginning!!! It would be a lot more fun if it doesnt send you to the beginning. Even so, its a great game?

Vianca Arroyo

This game is very fun! My only problem is V's level. I find it way too hard to beat and makes me a little frustrated. I might uninstall because of this but otherwise it's a good game.

A Google user

I LOVED IT! Because I'm a huge fan of BTS and the game is pretty fun and cool. We can also play in offline! Omg, It totally BANGTAN TRASH! :3


Everything was good until the color wheel spinning. You guys made the colour red and orange too alike and it pissed me off so much ^-^ that's all bye

Juan Cock

At the last one you don't win because it's the last one it say press jungkook 39 but when I do it say you pressed 100 time or 126 but It does that so u don't win and trust to make u think that I love it tho❤❗

Reri Peaches

When does Jungkook's level end? It would be helpful if it said, and Red and Orange look very similar so it would be nice if you changed it to like a brown or something that doesn't resemble the other colors

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