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Version Blackberry
Size 34.10 MB (35,757,837 bytes)
Developer CRAFTCREST.com
Category Apps, Entertainment
Package Name craftcrest.com.aer
OS 5.0 and up

Butterfly APPLICATION description

Music and sports environment application for interactive movement.
The Butterfly Aer application is designed to generate interactive music and other in-motion interactions with sports support on music platforms in Europe. As the user uses the application and moves through successive signal ports "gateways" that are deployed on the music platforms, the application will add successive alternating melody lines and special effects to the music being played. The music and its structure depend on the user's activity on the music platform.
The application is dedicated to all people who are active in sports and/or listen to music on the move.

The Butterfly Aer app has been secured with 256-bit encryption keys and has been checked by the distributor's security system, Google Play Protect. All the security features prevent any third-party interference. Moreover, the app is resilient and virus-free which makes it safe for your device.

Music Platforms (Paths) are sections of hiking trails designed for running or hiking with signal ports installed to create interactions. Their locations are mostly scenic and amazing places frequented by tourists. All existing as well as emerging music platforms are fully secure. Moreover, the music platforms are located at large hotel base and parking lots which makes them easily accessible.

- Aer Ready technology automatically adds special effects to the user's music as they interact at the signal port on the music platform.
- Aer Full technology automatically switches the user's music tracks as they interact at the signal port on the music platform.
- Aer Ultra technology automatically changes the melody lines of music tracks of available artists on the music platform. The technology is triggered automatically when the user gives permission on the music platform.

- The Aereye feature automatically controls the music being played by switching music tracks as they pass through the signal ports on the music platforms.
- The Butterfly Effect function is a filter that normalizes the music being played by improving the line of the music during the interaction.
- The Fly By feature enables interactions based on microlocation technologies.
- Wild Rose's Aer Multiplexer M feature enables the generation of composite interactions using Aer Ultra technology.

Technical Specifications
- Platform: Android,
- Language: Java,
- Technologies: Aer Ready, Aer Full, Aer Ultra, Active Air, Active Cloud,
- Features: Aereye, Butterfly Effect, Fly By, MWild Rose Multiplexer,
- Min. Software Required: Android 5.0 Lollipop,
- Recommended software: Android 10,
- Required min device hardware: 8-core 1.2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 720x1280p,
- Recommended device hardware: 8-core 2.6 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 1080x2340p,
- Other: The application can be used as a simple music player, weather information source, map source,

Butterfly Co. Entertainment Technologies provides technical support and information about ButterflyAer application and music platforms via CRAFTCREST.com chat and email at [email protected].

Use CRAFTCREST.com to discover and explore new music platforms across Europe.

See more at CRAFTCREST.com
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