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Version 1.3.2
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Developer 2baby
Category Games, Educational
Package Name com.sencatech.game.butterfly
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Butterfly - Insect World GAME description

The most lively and interesting book about insects.
Kids love beautiful butterflies and their elegant dance. Once they see a butterfly, they will always be chasing it excitedly.
Is your child curious about this magical elf? Do they also have the following questions?

- Is the butterfly born a dancer?
- Why their wings are so beautiful?
- Why are some butterflies big, but others small?

It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful butterfly is changed from the ordinary and ugly caterpillar. There is no doubt that this is happening in the insects world, the real Cinderella story.

If your child is interested in insects, and curious about the butterfly, then you should not miss this application!

Let`s recognize , the beautiful guy!

◆Key Features

★The Interesting Children`s Picture Book: Children`s book with literariness, telling stories about insects
★The Audio Book: Provide Chinese/English bilingual reading of high quality
★Learning Knowledge about Insects: Professional encyclopedic knowledge about insects from “Fabre - The Wonders of Instinct”, expanding children`s horizons
★Multiple Funny Games: 6-8 stories related to funny games which enlighten intelligence and make children learning happily
★Interaction - Makes Reading More Interesting: A large number of interactive props hidden in the book, touch the props, and see what will happen? Encourage your child to discover it and harvest surprise.
★Know More Insects: A series books about recognizing insects systematically, recognizing different insects through every series of book .

◆About "The Insect World"

Why do dung beetles roll the dungs?
Why is the bee house hexagonal?
How does caterpillar become a beautiful butterfly?
Why do cicadas sing so loudly? Are they born singers?

Does your baby have a variety of interesting questions on insects, which are filled in our living environment? Are there a set of books about some interesting stories of insects providing to preschool children aged 3-5 years old? Yes, that's right.

"The Insect World" retains the related knowledge of insects from “Fabre - The Wonders of Instinct”, telling interesting stories about the insects by the way of narrating, which is not only a set of rich literature of children`s books, but also a set of books learning insect encyclopedia.
The greater advantage of the series books is that the book contains a large number of interactive events, and a number of the stories related to funny games, which makes children gain “the fun of exploration" and "reading happily " during learning.

◆About 2baby

What 2baby provides to parents is not just a learning tool, but we can make children get more fun during the learning process;
What 2baby provides to the children is not just a game or a toy, but we can make children develop intelligence and practical ability during the games.
To get more please visit: www.2baby.com
If you have something to say, please write to us: [email protected]
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