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Version 2.1.6
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Developer DEEBEE
Category Apps, Lifestyle
Package Name fr.deebee.apps.calculpourcentage
OS 4.1 and up

📱 Percentage calculator APPLICATION description

Discover the best percentage calculator app! 👍 (🇫🇷🇪🇪 🇦🇵🇵)
Discover the application "Percentage calculator" which will allow you to calculate a percentage for free in a few clicks.

👍 To be used without moderation during sales, in progress, or at work.

this percentage calculator allows you to calculate:
- percentage increase calculator
- percentage decrease calculator
- the percentage of an amount

▶️ The application offers a nav at the top of the screen (under Calculation Percentage) allowing you to choose the percentage calculation you want.

The percent calculator is done as soon as you click on "Calculate" after entering the basic information:
- The initial value
- The percentage

▶️ For the more expert among you, a more advanced mode is present on the menu. Click on "Complete" and you will have access to a calculator or you can make a custom percentage calculation.

✅ Tip: press the grey square to change whether you want a decrease or an increase.


▶️ Here is the method that explains how to calculate percentage according to the 3 calculation methods:

- Percentage increase calculator:
Several calculation methods exist, here is one of them:
Marc has a salary of 1000€ and wants to know his new salary with a 12.5% increase. We therefore take 12.5/100 or 0.125 which we multiply by the 1000x0.125 salary. We find an increase of 125€, his new salary will be 1125€.

- Percentage decrease calculator:
Kevin spends 40€ a week on gas and wants to reduce his expenses by 15%. We therefore take the opposite of 15% or 85% and therefore 0.85 (85/100) which we multiply by 40€.
This gives 40 x 0.85 = 34€ (6€ less savings).


If you are satisfied with the app, feel free to leave us a comment.
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