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Version 2.0.0
Size 13.98 MB (14,656,810 bytes)
Developer xghozt
Category Apps, Sports
Package Name com.xghozt.cos
OS 6.0

Calisthenics Old School APPLICATION description

Fast, offline and old school application with professional tools and features.
Calisthenics old school is designed with creativity in mind. It is 100% free, offline and secured since it does not collect any data or personal information from users and does not require internet connection to use it. It comes with advanced features like workouts player, routines manager, challenges and advanced tools that help you achieve impressive Calisthenics skills, muscle mass and real strenth.

We provide you with everything you need to know about each exercise, like exercise demo animated images, showcase video, repetitions and sets by level, along with a brief description to help you recognize and understand the exercise. Exercises are organized within categories to help you make fine-tuned routines and workouts based on the muscle you want to focus on and your goals.

The application includes a wide range of exercises with different variations and levels like Pull up, push up, as well many advanced moves like:

- Planche
- One arm front lever Pull up
- Handstand Push up
- One arm Muscle up
- Manna
- One finger Pull up
- ..and more insane exercises

This application is not designed to only show you how to do calisthenics moves or give you preset routines and workouts, If you are looking for an application that gives you preset programs and shows you every progression to do advanced moves like muscle up or front lever, then this app is not for you. As we already mentioned at the beginning, this app is designed with creativity in mind, which means, It gives you full control to create your own routines, sets, and design your schedule like a professional instead of limiting you with a few routines and programs.

How is Calisthenics old school different to other calisthenics and workout apps?

Calisthenics old school is 100% FFOS (Free, Fast, Offline and Secured), provides functional tools and features like workout player, which is one of the core parts of this app. After you design your routines, you start attach those routines to workout instances. Once you have routines in place, and workouts ready, you can use the workout player to either play the woprkout using auto-play mechanism, or using the manual controls to progress the workout sets and routines. Player gives you sets repetitions counter as well as rest between sets and routines counters and more settings.
There are tons of features like workout scheduler, challenges, tools like stopwatch, draft and breathe training and more, which we cannot cover every details of them here, that's why we give you this quick overview about workout player and leave you discover the other features by yourself.
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