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Version 0.8
Size 73.08 MB (76,632,749 bytes)
Developer Wejoy Games Studio
Category Apps, Entertainment
Package Name com.weego.camouflage.weaphones
OS 7.0

Camouflage Weaphones APPLICATION description

The great camouflage guns operate with authentic reloading & gun shot sounds.
If you like to play police and thieves, now you can make it more real with this Gun Builder - Camouflage Gun skins. Particularly, you like camouflaged gun skins to add dramatically like you are participating on the battlefield. Our Gun Builder - Gun Shot Sounds will help you satisfy your passion for machine guns, especially with the most realistic camouflage gun shot sounds - gun master. You will have to move your phone as if it were a real machine gun, Pistol, or Revolver to make it shot. Also you could choose from a variety of firearms, with different camouflage gun shot sounds - camouflage gun sound effects and vibration.

Automatic pistol, revolver, shotgun, machine gun skins, and assault rifle are some of the options you could choose, enjoy the camouflage gun shot sounds - camouflage gun noises you like most.

Feel like a super detective or a gangster with this weapon sounds - camouflage gun master which your movement activates the shooting.

Enjoy an extensive collection of real camouflage gun sounds - camouflage gun sounds effects. Just tap the weapon and listen to the stunning weapon camouflage gun shot sounds - camouflage gun noises. Camouflage Weaphones is a free application with realistic camouflage gun sounds - camouflage gun sounds. Camouflage Weaphones are very simple and amusing.

Weapon sounds - Camouflage gun master comprises a huge, awesome, and good-quality collection of the world's most popular different types of weapons. Just listen to over 100+ realistic weapon sounds - Camouflage gun master - Gun sound effects. One of the best realistic camouflage gun sound effects - camouflage gun noises apps with fully equipped weaphones.

Gun shot sounds - Gun sound effects app is for you. Select a category of your choice and select a Camouflage gun from your weapons collection. Just tap the selected Camouflage gun, tap the trigger and listen to the stunning real weapon gun sound effects - gun noises.

All Camouflage guns skins are real with their own real free gun sound effects - gun noises. Some of the Camouflage gun skins collections are inspired by shooting games. Everyone should enjoy a huge collection of gun noises: Pistol & Revolver who is interested and enthusiast of different top real Camouflage guns skins.

Camouflage Weaphones have high quality shot animations like vibration during shooting, Flash Effect from Muzzle, And Lighting During thrilling Gun Sounds. Camouflage Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds have different categories of Assault Rifles, Snipers, Pistols, Revolvers, Throwable, and many more which are absolutely free to enjoy. Dual Mode of this Gun sounds makes it more amazing during shooting you can change the mode from Auto to Semi. If you are home alone it is the best choice to enjoy this thrilling and dazzling Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds.

Feature of Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds:
🔫Gun sound effects - Gun noises app offers you a large collection gun shot sounds from different types of Camouflage weapons.
🔫Camouflage Weaphones have different types of weapons, such as grenades, pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles, machine guns, and shotguns.
🔫 Each Camouflage weapon has an unlimited amount of ammo.
🔫 Realistic Camouflage gun firing animation effect.
🔫 Easy to choose different Camouflage gun shot sounds - weapon sounds.
🔫 Choose your favorite Camouflage weaphones, you may play battle games with your friends and hear different sounds of guns.
🔫 100+ Camouflage Weaphones & various weapon sounds. Including more than 100 Camouflage weapons to choose from.
🔫 Download and install the Camouflage Weaphones app. Choose weapons and play with your friends.
🔫 Great Gun Sound Effects & Gun Noises

Download the Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds!
If you enjoy our Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds! Please give us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to support us in creating more Weaphones - gun noises & gun shot sounds games.
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