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Version 1.4.0
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Developer Liqiang
Category Apps, Tools
Package Name info.niwota.ispy
OS 2.1 and up

CarrierIQ Spy APPLICATION description

CarrierIQ Spy is a detector and monitor
which detects and warns if the mobile service intelligence solution from Carrier IQ, a rootkit software as Trevor Eckhart has identified capable of tracking text messages, secure web traffic, contacts, key strokes..., has been embedded in your device.

This application runs as service until you explicitly quit , watches out for changes in system and posts notifications to status bar, can be setup to clear logs regularly.

You should consider turning on log monitor and keep this application running for a number of reasons, regardless of Carrier IQ currently installed on your device or not:

+If a carrier could pull data off your device without your knowledge; the carrier might also be able to push Carrier IQ to your device at any time without notice as it pleases.

+A third party application could snoop on you if your Carrier IQ logging is turned on, with proper permissions or in collaboration with others.

Monitoring would deter any application from turning on CIQ logging and snooping; it cannot be stopped but at least you will get notified.

Unfortunately, some applications especially Carrier IQ detectors may leave traces on a device similar to those of true Carrier IQ and cause false alarms.
If you are willing to help, please report the false positive as bug to the developers.

A toggle button is provided so you can play with the CIQ logging setting on your phone and watch Carrier IQ agent recording your activities live.

It is not known if the logging setting also serves as triggers to send off the data over the network. As a caution,
you should never enter any thing confidential or visit personal web sites if the logging is turned on.

Even Carrier IQ and your carrier are not collecting the data, a malicious application on your phone
could potentially exploit the sensitive information. Furthermore, when you update or install applications
in future, pay special attention to permission request to any of the following but not limited to:
read log, write setting, access Internet, and make sure the requests are justified.

Please note that the logging becomes excessive if you use a browser, it seems it does not matter which browser you use
as the tracking is done in low level system code. Clear log in the option menu will remove all entries in the log.

This app has only be tested on Galaxy SII from Sprint (unfortunately it's the phone I own just recently)
and may not work on other devices or for other carriers, in such cases you will not see the logging toggle button.

It will be positive if CIQ is found on your device; otherwise you will have to wait for more sophisticated software or your carrier to tell you.

I have no plan to turn this detector into a removal tool as it would imply voiding your contract. You should look for
other apps or wait for updates from your carrier.


Part of Carrier IQ detection is based on code by François SIMOND @supercurio


I added detections in System settings.

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