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Version 3.1.4
Size 33.73 MB (35,371,061 bytes)
Developer TRN
Category Apps, Entertainment
Package Name com.prank.simulator.dogtranslator
OS 5.0

Cat & Dog Translator: Pet Talk APPLICATION description

Pet Translator app for cat sounds, dog simulator prank. Talk to your dog & cat.
Ever wondered what's on your cat or dog's mind when they give you that "puppy eyes" look ? You don’t understand our dog sounds or our meow talk it doesn’t mean that they are not attempts to speak and express feelings.
With the Pet Talk app for dog translator & cat translator, you can explore the pet translator by a smart AI algorithm to translate cat language & dog simulator like: dog to human translator, human to cat translator and vice versace. Besides, our cat and dog games provides the boss with interesting functions: fake pet video call and whistle training with each breed separately.
🐾 Enjoy fun and relaxation with your pet by talk to your dog
🐾 Real simulate cat and dog sounds for various moods, pet needs, emotions
🐾 Understand your cat's needs and stories with a cat & dog translation app.
🐾 AI translates between human to dog translator.
🐾 Translate cat language like human-to-cat translator & cat to human.
🐾 Training tips using dog whistles & dog whistles with different frequencies.
🐾 Pet video maker with your pet & Share funny call images with friends
🐾 Connect better with your beloved pets & communicate easily with your dog.
🌻 Pet translation
🐱 Cat translator to human
- Translate cat language to human language.
- Easily understand what your cat says just by one tap.
- Press record button to record your cat sounds and you will immediately know pet feelings like hungry, happy, sad or even crying
🐶 Dog to human translator app
- Smart dog noises translation app allows you to talk to dogs. Use dog barking app whenever you hear your dog bark
- Dog bark translator to know what your dog is saying: Does he want to play? Is he hungry or not? Let’s find out
🗣Human to pet translator
And vice versace, this pet translator prank app also provides a pet simulator to help you talk to your dog and cat. In this way, your pet will understand what you mean. It’s a fun cat and dog game to play with your furry friends:
Record your voice and our cat and dog translator app will translate into pet simulator sound for them to understand you.
🐶Human to cat translator - talk to your cat via simulated cat sounds.
🐱Human to dog translator - communicate with dogs via simulated dog noises .

😆 Hilarious fake call prank with your cats and dogs
You miss your pet and want to make a facetime with him. Open your pet talk app and create a fake pet incoming call.
Choose scenarios, customize details, and capture adorable moments. It's not just about having fun; it's a unique way to engage with your furry companions. Capture those heartwarming moments during the calls and share the laughter with friends and family on social media. These playful interactions not only provide entertainment but also strengthen the bond between you and your pets.

Don't let your pets keep their thoughts to themselves! Join the Pet Talk fun train today and experience the whimsical world of pet translation like never before. Prepare to laugh, smile, and share unforgettable moments with your four-legged friends. Explore pet simulator app now and let the fur-tastic conversations begin! 🐾
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