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Version 1.0.9
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OS 5.1

Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D GAME description

Pet your little kitten in Cat Simulator Family and make virtual family 3D of Cat
Welcome to Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D, in this amazing big city game you are playing as a virtual kitten cat. Are you a pet lover? Always wanted to adopt a little pet kitten? Well the time is here now! In this amazing free game Cat Simulator Kitten World 3D You will become a beautiful cat. You will find a family farm in the middle of a green forest with a large blue lake. You can do whatever you want in this vast world. Head to the adventure! In Cat Simulator: Little Kitten Game Meet And name your cat, your new virtual pet. He is a cute, emotional and adorable cat who loves to eat tasty food, take selfies, visit friends and dancing. A cat’s world is the most soothing and relaxing place, feel the purrs of a cute kitten in this new pet cat simulator game. Feeling depressed and tired, get yourself a little kitty and grow her to a healthy and cute cat. Play different unique kind of chores of my cat game. Be ready to grow up with your favorite little kitten pet in this kitty simulator game where you can do some tasks of feeding, training, playing, and dress up your favorite kitten adventure. A biggest cat shelter is specially designed for all kitty lovers in this cat simulator. Where you can find different kind of breeds in the kitty land so go and choose your favorite cat. In this cat game lots of little kittens are available for selection such as Persian cat, British kitty, exotic short hair cats etc. When you took, the responsibility for that cute cat pet so you have to be responsible for all cat care issues. In pet training mod is also available for you where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite kitten in this kitty adventure-free little kitten game. When you go to the park for a walk with her then you must take care of your little kitten from the stray dogs in this cat game. The fox & sheep little kitten feature of this game is where you can customize your cat into a Maine coon cat and tiger cat. In Cat Simulator: Little Kitten Game, the enemy cat’s conscious during the fight and other gangs are scared, they run out from the battlefield. Now the cute cat tells the enemy gangs will never come back in my field in this pet animal shelter. My cute cat is hurt, then she will go to the lake pond to hunt the fish which is recovering his health bar in pet kitten games. Visit the owner that are in trouble, he needs some fruit, the virtual cat finds that fruits and deliver those fruits to owner and accomplish the assign tasks in kitten cat simulator. You can sneak up and ambush your enemies. Crouching down to the ground, crawl up to the badgers from behind, and like a real hunter, deal critical damage with swings of your clawed paws! The best cat game experience you have ever heard of a cat step by step make your favorite pet cat Chorley cat and mouse will hunt each other and have fun. Cat tails kitten adventure little cat game will amaze your mind, play and have fun with my little cat lady. Well come on, show everyone how much your kitten is an adorable and cute animal! Picture all the exciting & loveable moments spent together with your tamagotchi friend of this pet’s hotel town! Your cat simulator loves to play some skating and fun running. Gather all the moments spent together with your virtual pet kitten friend! Enjoy as a real virtual pets farm game, explore a huge house environment and play amazing games in the biggest garden of my virtual cat 3D. Amazing and unique game features of Cat Simulator: Little Kitten Game • Amazing Storyline • Unique customization of cats • Unique skillset of a cat • Biggest cat shelter in the town with different kind of kitten breeds. • Eye catchy environment & unique story detailing feature mod of this cat game. • Search for food throughout the forest
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