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  • 5.32.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop
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Chime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile BankingChime - Mobile Banking

The description Chime - Mobile Banking Apk

Welcome to banking made awesome.

Chime is mobile and online banking with no hidden fees: get your paycheck up to 2 days early* with direct deposit, have fee-free overdraft when you’re in a pinch, grow your savings automatically, and manage your finances like a boss using the highly-rated Chime mobile banking app.

When you bank with Chime, you get a Visa® Debit Card, a Spending Account, and an optional Savings Account to help you save money.

Applying for an account is free, takes less than 2 minutes and it won’t affect your credit score!

Here’s what our members love most about Chime:
• Get your paycheck up to 2 days early* with direct deposit
• Fee-free overdraft.** We’ll spot you on debit card purchases with no overdraft fees.
• No hidden fees: no monthly fees, no overdraft fees, no foreign transaction fees, no minimum balance requirements
• Over 38,000 fee-free ATMs with Moneypass and Visa Plus Alliance
• Real-time transaction notifications
• Daily balance alerts
• Block your card instantly in-app
• Grow your savings automatically with our Savings Account
• Send money instantly with Pay Friends to other Chime members.
• Deposit checks using Mobile Check Deposit for eligible members.^
• Apple Pay™ / Google Pay™ for when you forget your wallet
• Move money between your other bank accounts
• EMV chip card security
• Friendly and responsive customer support

With the Chime mobile banking app, you can stay in control of your money. Track your spending, link your other bank accounts, and save money.

How to switch banks:
• Step 1: Open Your Account: Download the app and sign up. Once approved, we’ll send you your Chime card within two weeks!
• Step 2: Fund Your Account: Set up a direct deposit with your employer or payer to have funds deposited to your Chime account every payday. You can also connect other bank accounts and transfer funds from your existing bank account.
• Step 3: Update Bill Payments: Activate your card when it arrives, add it to Apple Pay, and set up recurring bill payments with your Chime card number or with your Chime Spending Account and routing numbers.

For more information please visit

***Learn how we collect and use your information by visiting our Privacy Policy at***

Banking services provided by, and debit card issued by, The Bancorp Bank, or Stride Bank, N.A., Members FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Debit card may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

*Early access to direct deposit funds depends on the timing of payer’s submission of deposits. We generally post such deposits on the day they are received which may be up to 2 days earlier than the payer’s scheduled payment date.
**Chime SpotMe is an optional, no fee service that requires that you receive $500 in direct deposit a month to qualify to overdraw your account up to $20 on debit card purchases. Chime, in its sole discretion, may allow you to withdraw your account up to $100 or more based on your Chime Account history, direct deposit history and amount, spending activity and other risk-based factors. Your Limit will be displayed to you within the Chime mobile app. You will receive notice of any changes to your Limit. Your Limit may be increased or lowered at any time by Chime.
^Not all new or existing customers are eligible to use Mobile Deposit. There are qualifications and enrollment requirements for participation in Mobile Deposit, and we reserve the right to change the qualification and enrollment requirements in our sole discretion at any time without prior notice. We may require you to upload a picture of your driver’s license or other identifying documents prior to using Mobile Deposit. Eligibility requirements can be found online after you have signed into your Spending Account.

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  • 5.32.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • March 22, 2020
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • a64afe9f86e37b4873fccb02592a878e
  • * We heard you guys loud and clear: the account balance amounts on the Home screen were big? We tweaked them to be a bit smaller so if anyone is trying to look over your shoulder
    * For those of you using screenreaders, the slider for adjusting your SpotMe limit used to be impossible to move.
    * Fixed a bug where sometimes your "Top Friends" in your Pay Friends list wouldn't load
    * We caught a bunch of other bugs - but not THAT bug. Don't worry about us, take care of yourselves!
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  • 5.31.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • March 20, 2020
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 506cca37c7766f73f9ba07e4c5069ab1
  • In this update, we [nerd voice] upgraded our app's navigation library. [normal voice] What does that mean for you? A buttery-smooth ride as you swipe and tap your way through the app, and fewer crashes or bugs in your teeth... we hope!
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  • 5.30.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • February 7, 2020
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • ac7af73dd4cd2b018918e0a3090a3f2e
  • Happy February, Chime fam, we're sending some love your way! the form of bug fixes and lines of code.
    * There was a bug that tried to crash the app if it didn't like your contacts list. If you previously had trouble opening the app, please try again!
    * Once in a while, newly-enrolled users would not be able to view their account. We cleared that up so you can get in now.
    * We replaced most of our old buttons with some new buttons. They look the same, but taste sweeter.
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  • 5.29.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • January 28, 2020
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 339db19ebd889dbab2bb86b4e3511076
  • Ding dong, let's Chime in the New Year with a new app update!
    * We fixed up the Settings screen so that it loads even if it gets a connection error. You gotta load!! Those settings are important!
    * For the screens where you update your personal info, updated the layout to be more comfy and handsome. You... you did know you can update your info in the app, right?
    * Other bits and bobs to clean up the place, and prepare for bigger and better things to come!
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  • 5.28.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • January 11, 2020
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 9f081a9dadaba91ccd2a501331b383ac
  • What's this? Things look a little different! We've refreshed our app's colors and fonts to improve accessibility (and bring joy to our designers). Don't worry, all your favorite functionalities are still in the same places! (But not the bugs. Shoo, bugs.)
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  • 5.27.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • December 1, 2019
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • a27ff79b10ac693585cc55c81d45969c
  • We're thankful for you, loyal Chime members. Our growing team of engineers have been hard at work improving the app's look, feel, and features.
    - We gave ChimeBot a little upgrade 'n polish to ensure it keeps up its quality of service.
    - We adjusted the layouts of some screens to give them a bit more breathing room.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon, and stay toasty <3
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  • 5.24.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 25, 2019
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 4e3c6100c87b231160594ea13d7c07b0
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  • 5.23.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • September 19, 2019
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 14ba70e0e90075d775d8b27ab8504607
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  • 5.22.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • September 5, 2019
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • 1454617080cbe88967d13385d3ebcb59
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  • 5.21.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • August 21, 2019
  • CD58C127D0F19A9C5F0877DB2D1D32DCA8F81D2C
  • d185562ba4bf042439436c32e36f8b0b
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10 recent comments of Chime - Mobile Banking APK

Alexander Lefkowitz

I've been using different banks for the last 14 years and without a doubt Chime is my favorite. There is no guessing or surprises with this card or the app. If I'm debited for anything I'm notified immediately and best of all I'm absolutely in love with early direct deposit. When I'm notified that an ACH payment is being sent to me 9 times out or 10 it's on my card that same day. I also love being able to add funds via debit card which means I can accept payments with Square Cash (the virtual debit card feature) and load the funds to my Chime card immediately. Never had an overdraft fee and never had any complaints with customer support.

Mark Herring

I didn't get refunded by a merchant. Simple enough. Chime 3 way called the merchant and wouldn't talk to them. I had to. And the merchant was very rude. Chime was on the line, but didn't hear the convo. I had to call in twice because the line was disconnected. I was put on hold without being asked to hold. Ten mins later after silence and occasional mumbling there was a 3 way call placed to Expedia? That wasn't a call made for my concerns. When I said hello the rep apologized. I was told "Let me call you back" 3 times. I was working, I am not happy. The issue was not resolved. Very unprofessional. I am currently looking for another bank.

Nathan Clay

**Update** At this point I'm done with chime. I opened my account on the 3rd, here it is the 18th and I have no card and the only thing suggested was to verify my address (which is already correct in the first place) and request a replacement that takes another 2 weeks to get. So now my money is stuck in an account I don't even want anymore

Sweet N Sour bitch

I love chime been very helpful to fix all my issues since my card was stolen twice i love how you can shut off the card until you get a new one. Only bad thing is slow replies back from customer service maybe you need a number to get ahold of you guys to make it easier


Ragan Roberson

I just accepted from Chime to use mobile check deposit which will allow me take a picture and deposit my check... Can't wait to use this feature...lets go Chime and step it up... Chip reader next hopefully

Martel Corbin

Have had chime for years never had a problem and loved the experience.....UNTIL! You want dispute a claim and they are supposed to back you up but instead decide to not submit the dispute when they tell you they will. Then when you call and bug them over and over the submit it and you get denied. They are forcing me to go out on my own and sue when I was told they'd go to bat for me.. lies. Oh and everybody is always so sorry.

I tried to make a nickname. Its tells me everytime that the name I selected is already taken. I even put a bunch of random numbers and letters. Still not working. It must be a glitch! Please fix it! Otherwise its a great app! Love the 0 fees

Switch from gobank to chime. Biggest mistake I ever could have made! For 2 years I never had a problem getting direct deposit at gobank. Expecting my first right deposit today and it cannot be found and of course chime customer service can't answer a simple question and they blame everyone else and don't really look at the problem.... and whoever replies to these comments don't waste your breath talking to me. You lost $1,500 of my money. Teacher customer service people some skills. This is absolutely unacceptable.

OnLy OnE602

Live in Phoenix have plenty of cash back/ATM options. Like the fact that I get my check 1-2 days earlier. Like the automatic saving feature. Well design app. Overall everything works as it should haven't had a reason to contact customer support for anything. Wish there were more ways to actually deposit money to the account besides direct deposit

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