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The description Circus Atari Apk

The Circus Atari™ is in town! Like a human cannonball, launch your fearless clown into the air and guide him through the big top by tilting your device. Pop balloons to hurl yourself up higher while grabbing as many Coins and Power-ups as you can—just be careful not to fall!

* Land in Barrels and jump on Springboards to aid in your journey to the top!
* Grab special Power-ups to quickly soar through the air!
* Navigate around the new bum-burning fire obstacle
* Deploy safety nets to break your fall!
* Collect keys to unlock treasure chests filled with coins and nets
* Fly in style by unlocking additional characters! Collect the Convict Clown, Hippie Clown and more!
* Awesome cartoon-style graphics and animation!
* Claim daily rewards by playing every day (requires internet connection)

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  • 1.2.2
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • 3adbfe164b1a6dcae6625842b28ddd45
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10 recent comments of Circus Atari APK

Chi Him Wong

I played it once and it keeps crashing on start up since. Also there's nothing to do other than tilt left and right to get the clown to touch coins... A lot of the 2600 games were more in-depth than this... Also as has been pointed out, it should have more to do with the original especially since those who will be looking for this game are those familiar with the original.

Watson Cheeseburger

(HTC ONE SV)Great game, really happy I can play this on my phone, but it stopped working after an update. Now game loads as far as 'checking for updates' screen and bails out and returns to the home screen! My partner is experiencing the same issue with her tablet. Ill rate 5 stars after everything is back to normal. Thanks dude :)

A Google user

Pretty basic. Repetitive too. Would get 3 stars if there was s plainly labelled exit button on the main screen so you could end the suffering quicker.

Meg Lyden

Wish it was real Circus Atari, that was an awesome game. My biggest problem with this game is lack of instructions, how do you deploy the net?

David Malone

I absolutely refuse to give anything more than one star to any app that will not let you exit. The exit button in this game only takes you back to a main menu where you can only choose to play get help. You can not actually exit the game without killing it outright.

Dolourous Haze

Liked this game on previous phones but completely incompatible with my current phone. Every time I touch the app icon it crashes. htc m9 android 6

Heorhi Raik

The game crashes quite frequently with losing the results of the ongoing game. Very frustrating

Alex Watts

I have played circus Atari for the 2600, and this isn't anything like the original. In the original, you have to pop balloons while bouncing up and down on a freaking teeter-totter. What happened to that!?! Also, remove the sound fx and replace them. They get really annoying really quick.

Matt Sevigny

This game crashes at launch on a Nexus 5x with Marshmallow. The reliability of this game needs work.

John Gaquin

ATARI.INC,you WERE awesome now this game SUCKS because you did not try to closely resemble the original Please redo the WHOLE FREAKIN THING

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