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The description CM Notification Apk

“CM Notification” is a tool designed for CM Launcher to help you follow up important unanswered phone calls, unread SMS, emails, and messages for social apps by showing an badge counter on top corner of the APP.

- Supports notification for phone calls and SMS.
- Support android default email,Gmail,as well as messages for social apps like Facebook,Twitter,Messenger,Line,Wechat,QQ,etc.
- Badge counter shows a number of unread messages no matter where “CM Notification” is placed: on screen, in the dock, or in any folder.

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  • 1.8.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 10, 2016
  • E1130A0353E6CB8C9D550FFDDE4707B37EA3A5DB
  • 8efd78e599873181973812b2fb7a9693
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10 recent comments of CM Notification APK

Daniel J Ó Callaghan IV

I went from application to application looking for the perfect recipe to keep my phone in order. I kept coming back to CM'S Applications. I realized there was no way to take 15 developers apps and make anything other than a confused phone and likewise it's Owner (Me). So I made a decision to just use CM'S Applications. I love dangling flashy sparkling things like any Cat. I said no. Two months w/all CM has to offer...and I am well pleased.

Ruhma Amir

Not working even on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) ? launcher is good but No badge Notification displayed ?. Also disturbs the default badges. 0 rating Useless app. Fix it kindly!!

brooks weathers

Just too detailed for all of the apps where u can' isolate the types of notifications within the notifications!!! As. A way two rate what notifications u want more trickles or continuously steady or slow paced. This matters cause notifications r a hassle for they always go off for the slightest. Touch.

Mickayla Walton

It won't show my notification count any more it just stopped working for no reason at all but it worked great when it was working I have no idea why it stopped I even tried reinstalling it and nothing ...but sometimes when it was working the count wouldn't go away even after I checked the message but other than that its a good app when it works

Ray Renièr Myburgh

I have (and paid for) the CM iOS theme, which I love. Have this app for notifications but I have problem. After reading messages, Whatsapp messages, all read, the count of messages on the app icon doesn't disappear unless I restart my phone??

Shaydee Hughes

havent used it yet and a pop up gives me two options... rate 5 stars? or Dislike... hate when they make you rate them

Blake Leal

When a notification shows up and it's supposed to give me a 1 by the app right well it just gives me 3 dots, it's really annoying

Guido Celani

Great App in order to control the Noticiation Options. However, why do I have to reset my Noticiation options everytime I reatart or turn on my phone from shutdown - This is very anoying. Please fix this issue

Sue Kendal

Like every other app from CM it stinks! They get into ur phone, take over, & change ur home screen to some wild unwanted configuration. I recommend STAY AWAY from ALL CM APPLICATIONS!! They only make ur life more difficult. I'm uninstaling it right now.


I dont get notified i have to pull my screen down to check myself instead of visibly checking quickly.not a huge deal but would like the app to actually work as described... seriously..wha?

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