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CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)CM Security for x86(Intel CPU)

The description CM Security for x86(Intel CPU) Apk

★CM Security received the Oscar of the antivirus world for the 7th time★

CM Security ranked #1 by the AV-TEST again! AV-TEST, a leading independent organization in Germany, conduct regular appraisals of all antivirus products on the market and hand it awards for excellence. Their award is regarded as like an Oscar in the field of IT security and antivirus research. AV-TEST evaluates antivirus software based on how well they can detect viruses, how user-friendly they are, and awards high-quality products their commendations.

★ Safer than safer: Great New feature of AppLock - Intruder Selfie
- Take a photo of someone who entered the wrong password twice
- Gotcha! The one who wants to snoop on my Whatsapp

★ Professional and totally free App Lock (app locker with password):
The top-rated, fastest and safest app lock, over 50 Million users, supporting 26 languages.

★ With app lock, you can secure your privacy:
Lock apps - Lock contacts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger from prying eyes and nosy friends.
Lock settings - Prevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games and phone settings.
Lock privacy - AppLock for gallery, photos, and files.
The first applock which is compatible with Android L in the world

Highlights of CM Security:
☆ #1 antivirus engine: Powered by both local and cloud engines, and supported by experience with 500,000,000 users and 16-years of history in the PC & mobile security industries. Repeatedly ranked first in tests carried out by AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives .
☆ Multilayer protection: Fix system vulnerabilities and scan new apps, file systems and websites to ensure your device's safety and your privacy in real-time. Clean your system and boost your device.
☆ Fast and handy: Scanning takes just 5 seconds, 500% faster than other paid anti virus scanners. CM Security is also lightweight, taking up half as much phone memory as other antivirus apps . Integrated with the highest rated cleanup and boost features, your device can be lighter, faster and protected.

☆ Compatible with both phone and tablet
Features of CM Security:

► AppLock - The fastest & safest applock for android in the world
Lock your photos, gallery and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends
Prevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games with applock

►Cleaner & Phone Booster
Ram booster and CPU booster
►Find Phone | Anti-Theft (NEW!)
The best "FREE" find my phone tool.
Locate your phone on a map (To control your device remotely, go to
Make the device yell to find it.
Lock the device to protect your privacy.

Scan pre-installed and installed apps and the file system to keep your phone safe from virus, trojan, vulnerability, adware, malware and spyware.

Scan external SD cards thoroughly to detect and delete threats.

Prevent harm to your device with real-time scanning of new applications and updates.

Routine automatic scanning allows for passive security.

Prevent harassment by blocking unwanted phone calls.

Block malicious URLs and protect yourself against phishing websites with instant warning notifications.

Our Google+ Beta community:

Supported languages:
English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Croatian, Greek, Malay, Dutch, Slovak, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

Join CM Security translation team:

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10 recent comments of CM Security for x86(Intel CPU) APK

Linda Albera

It's the best yet! I've had several different types of internet security . I can honestly say none of them can rate to what CM INTERNET SECURITY CAN ESTABLISH. I HAVE RECOMMEND IT FOR EVERYONE. TRY IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT. BELIEVE ME I JUST WISH I WOULD OF KNOWN ABOUT IT BEFORE I SPENT ALL THE MONEY I HAVE ON ALL THE OTHERS.

Princess Love

Amazing! Best security app I've ever had! But sometimes it opens play store automatically! I don't know if there's any problem with my phone or what but whenever I install it, for almost a week it opens the play automatically disturbing my browsing. I hope u fix it up soon ..GIVING IT FIVE STARS CZ IT WORTH IT! It is amazing!

Lloyd Stuber

CM products are the best Free products for your Android phone out there bar none! They are absolutely essential to have and all you will need! I have used and sworn by products for years such as AVG Free and others that I installed on computers I built then every phone I had that was able to use them. And since I discovered CM products they have blown the others out of the water! They are smaller, faster and better! Just simply an all around better product for your smartphone! Bottom line? Get them!

Michael Barnes

I have been using Cheetah Mobile apps on my phone, and tablet for over 2 years. Cheetah Mobile apps are the best available for security, reliability, functionality, and ease of use. When I got my new phone recently the first thing I did, was to install the Cheetah Mobile apps. I never worry about security, or viruses with Cheetah Mobile apps. I rarely purchase apps, but I would purchase the Cheetah Mobile apps if they weren't free because there is nothing better available in the market period.

Bill Day

You can never go wrong with,they do what they say they will do and if you have problems they will resolve it. I've had these apps on every phone I've ever had with no problems. Just peace of mind that my phone is secure and safe from malware,trojans,heartbleed, etc.. Job well done. Thank You.

Kim Osbourne

Well worth the time and data to download. Sorted out a couple viruses, cleared thousands of cookies and other nasty crap and has a nifty applock and a couple of other things. Only thing it can't kill is an irritating debian popup and it's congratulations dear facebook user popup cohort. Maybe a bucket of water can fix that...

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