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Cocktail Mixer Prank APPLICATION description

Drink cocktails in the Cocktail Mixer Prank with fruits and mixed drinks.
Drink virtual cocktails on your phone to relax and prank your friend. Impress and amaze your friends by drinking cocktails on the phone. Surely your friends will not only be surprised but also have fun with that magic trick. Cocktail Mixer Prank: Joke app is one of the most entertaining cocktails drinking prank games for this hot summer. Water is so boring this summer. The new and best solution is to drink a glass of Cocktails & Mixology, but even better when drinking cocktails on your phone.

If you often doubt what juicy & mixology to choose in the store. If you like to try new combinations of fruits in cocktails. If you like hissing soda in your mouth. If used to quench thirst in that place and at the time when you want. Then the Cocktail Mixer Drinking Prank app is created for you!

You loved the juicy mixed drinks. Choose your favorite juicy & mixology and fill the virtual glass in this joke app. Bring the phone edge to the mouth. Tilt the phone drinking the milkshake & mixology.

Various juicy drinks & mixology to try
There are more than 50 kinds of mixed drinks on this drinking prank app for you to enjoy: GIN BASED COCKTAILS, BRANDY BASED COCKTAILS, WHISKEY BASED COCKTAILS, RUM BASED COCKTAILS, VODKA BASED COCKTAILS, TEQUILA BASED COCKTAILS, … Each mixed drinks has its character, eye-catching color, vibrant and delicious. Choose for yourself juicy mixed drinks that fill the phone screen with the drink of your choice by tapping the screen on your phone to make the cocktail self-fill. And then, the phone screen will ripple with water, like a simulated cup of water, whichever side you tilt the phone, the water will tilt to that side. It's interesting, isn't it?

😍Decor your Glass of Cocktails with tubes, stickers and background😍
Put stickers on the glass of Cocktails & Mixology. Decorate the mixed drinks with tubes and fruit canapés. Use a mixer and shaker. Mix and drink the cocktail making it from a recipe that you'll think of. You can change the background of the glass of juicy mixology to a drink cooler.

Features of Cocktail Mixer Prank: Cocktail recipes
🔸Cocktail Mixer Prank Drinking Prank app brings you all the cold mixed drinks with so much variety Let's Mix and Drink juicy mixology from your phone!!
🔸There are more than 20 mixed drinks you can mix and drink, milkshakes, such as 🍹juice, cold cola, water, soda, etc. Choose mixed drinks you prefer now! Tilt the phone drinking the mixology & milkshake.
🔸Customize the mixed drink & cocktail recipes with an ice cube and fresh natural fruits. Add strawberry🍓, lemonade🍋, mango, 🍉watermelon, 🍇grape, and orange 🍊into your juice.
🔸High-quality stereo drinking 🎵sound effects, you can hear the sound of water flow 🌊 and 💨bubbling when drinking mixology & milkshake.
🔸After finishing the mixed drink & milkshake making, tilt your juicy maker toward your mouth.👄

How to Play Cocktail Mixer Drinking Prank app:
🍓Choose one cocktail from the cocktail list in Cocktail Mixer Prank: Cocktail recipes app
🍎 Add Music in-game to drink mixed drinks chiller
🍊 Add fruits to your Mixed drink recipes & Cocktails. Mix and drink them
🥑 Add Stickers to your Mixology
🍍 Add tubes in mixed drinks & milkshakes to bring the authentic experience
🍋 You can change the shape of the glass to satisfy your cocktail drinking passion. Mix and drink your mixology & milkshake.
🥝 Change Backgrounds to make your glass of mixology & milkshake more beautiful
Tilt the phone to drink the mixology & milkshake
🍏 Hold the phone vertically to fill the screen with variegated mixed drinks & milkshakes. Tilt the phone to drink the juicy mixel. Impress your friends and families with your drinks cocktails prank.
🍇 The sounds and visual effects make the app similar the real mixed drinks.

Please note! Cocktail Mixer Prank: Joke app is just for entertainment purposes. In reality, no cocktails liquid fills the phone. The Cocktail Mixer Drinking prank & Joke app was created for fun purposes.
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