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19128 votes, 4/ 5
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  • 1.1.5
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair
  • DroidHen
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Coin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin MachineCoin Machine

The description Coin Machine Apk

Coin Machine is a fun variant of the most favored arcade pusher game. It combines a slot machine, coin dozer and a moving cart to add more surprises and triple your fun. Enjoy the game now to push coins, collect prizes, and win the jackpot!

Gold treasure:
Push down step coins to start the cart. A right step coin will lead you to the gold treasure!
A step coin is a coin indicating how many steps the cart will move. Be careful to push down only the one you need!

Slot machine:
Push coins into the lucky basket to trigger the slot machine. A Silver Crown and a Gold crown in a row? That’s the Jackpot! So watch the basket when you push!

How to get more coins:
Regeneration begins automaticaly when you have less than 50 coins. Pushing down Magic Coins will make your fortune grow faster. There are 7 types of Magic Coins available to help you start a coin rain, set up a coin wall, or simply get more coins and prizes.

What to do with prizes:
One prize doesn’t make any difference, but if you finish a collection of prizes, the reward is big! There’re plenty of collections waiting for you to gain.

Good luck!

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  • 1.1.5
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair (SDK: 6)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 0CA300397193115E7CD6CA8E016175F890B14EED
  • dbb83ec11bb84266c701354a5f590bcd
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10 recent comments of Coin Machine APK

A Google User

I don't review often and this might seem like a promotion but trust me I'm just a happy customer. I've played others and this one is by far the best! Try the others to see what I mean. Bigger coin to board ratio, slot machine for prizes, and chargeable wall and wall coins for some amazing fun! This is the game I keep coming back to to get my coin pushing fix lol. With all those features and the ease of winning coins I've rarely run out and can play as long as I want. I absolutely love this game!

A Google User

I enjoy that I can play mindlessly or strategicly. I like it better than the other coin games due to a faster moving game and the extra things like the bucket. My only suggestion is the walls should automatically raise on a level up. Typically I see a coin and prize shower that just get shoved in the gutter because everything is so clogged. It would be nice to capitalize on that!

Linda Sanders

This was my favorite game and it has bugs like it doesn't give you walls when u reach a new level. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and my phone updated yesterday and now it won't even open I sent a report but nothing. Please fix bugs I love this game

Jayne Dragon

I am not getting all my prizes on the score bored, what is the piont in a game that doesnt record scores properly? It should give you a spin for every coin you get in basket. What do x p coins do? I would like to sell prizes for coins too. Im not buying stuff and im going to delete it if i get bored. Its a good game for having some control over where the coins go. I like the cart at bottom but you need more coins for that. This could be a great game dev, please improve it.

Emily walker

I love this game , but after buying coins and crystals, and never receiving them, and VERY BAD CUSTOMER SUPPORT, sadly, I can't give the 5stars I would give if I hadn't been ripped off $15. Will happily change my rating if I get my product or money back, at. After waiting 2 weeks, I doubt it

A Google User

Very great game. Amazing graphics and game play.. Very addictive. As soon as I play it. I can never stop.. but the thing that makes me give it 4 stars is.. when the coins are dropped at the sides, its seems like it hits an invisible edge that causes the coin to change position. Plz fix that

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