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Version 1.1.3
Size 57.15 MB (59,925,240 bytes)
Developer MoroSQ
Category Games, Puzzle
Package Name com.morosq.colorpaint3d
OS 4.4

Color Paint 3D GAME description

Relaxing 3D colouring game. Paint 3D art and unleash your talent. Be an artist.
Have a great time with the best color paint 3d game in the world.

It’s one of the first kinds of in terms of real 3d art coloring paint game.

Color Paint 3D allows you to Color and Paint 3D art with fun. This 3d color art game let you relieve stress and relax your mind. Let your relaxing time pass with Color paint 3D.

There are 250+ 3D art models to paint and complete each model by using the amazing color pallet UI design. You can also save and share your work.

Awesome 3d graphics and UI / UX gives you a feeling of great aesthetic 3d coloring games. Models look great in our specially selected background gradient color such as: Beige, Dark Brown, off white, Grey, Yellow, Mustard Yellow, Sage green, Olive green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue. Mind appealing 3d art model which is divided into nine different categories to play!

There are two various modes available for the game.

1) Default mode:
In this mode, you have to color model as it shows the way. A default mode has a fixed color for each part of the particular model, but it’s amazing to know how it looks when it completes.

2) Custom Mode:
Custom mode allows you to color the 3d model’s part as you like. There is an almost infinite option for color selection. This is more fun to do color in your way to make our 3d art model more beautiful. This mode gives you the freedom to paint our model in your way.

There are a total of Nine (9) categories in a color paint 3d game.

1) Abstract
Bunch of different types of abstract 3d models. You will find great color and art in the 3d model.

2) Alphabet
A to Z that’s all you will find in this category. There are two types of the alphabet. One is the monster base alphabet and another one is a completely different art.

3) Art & Craft
This category is to play like child and kids. In this category, you will find toys, stationery and more models to colors.

4) Buildings
In this category, you will find models from village homes (townhomes) to skyscrapers, which are ultimate fun to color.

5) Creature
Monster to human, modern astronaut to ancient warrior, dragon to sea turtle everything is available in creature category for fun and color the 3d art.

6) Months & Digits
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, and also 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 this is what you need to complete in this category.

7) Foods
Whether you like fruits or cake, pizza or traditional food everything is available under this category.

8) Low poly
A type of art that has more potential than many other categories. Must try it. You will experience one of the best 3D coloring game experiences in this category.

9) Scenery
Our hard-working and smart team tried to give you some of the best experiences of scenery in this game category.

Moreover then this category, we are also giving a daily bonus 3d Art and a daily strike of 30 days for those who love to play this game.

3d Models are available as Free to play, watch an ad to play and paid 3d model for play.

The 3d colouring game has never been so easy before this. Our 3d colouring game is great art therapy to use when you feel anxious and stressed.

Start your best 3d coloring game experience now. Start playing anti stressed 3d coloring game and unleashed your talented artist.

For any queries, bugs and suggestions Contact us: [email protected]
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