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Version 1.0
Size 424k
Developer ITSC
Category Games, Puzzle
Package Name com.itsc.AColorit2a
OS 2.0 - 2.3.4

Colorit2 GAME description

Note that Colorit2, designed for Android 2.x devices, is not programmed to work with devices that are less than 320px in width (HVGA devices are 320px in width).

Fill a game board shape with one color. Each shape contains cells of different colors - start from the cell by the arrow and select a color from the bottom part of the screen. This changes the current area color and allows adjacent cells with the same color to connect with the current area.

Eventually, the current area expands to fill the entire shape and you will have succeeded in filling it with one color.

There are four types of Colorit2 games - Relaxed, Easy, Hard, and Tournament Mode. Relaxed Game allows you to solve any puzzle without a limit on moves. The Easy and Hard Games require you to solve the puzzle within a certain number of moves. The Tournament Mode adds a scoring feature and requires you to solve all puzzle types within a given level.

Each game can be customized. - choose from a normal color set or a set that has been tested with people who are challenged with some form of color-blindness.

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