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Version 3.0.27
Size 25.01 MB (26,227,969 bytes)
Developer Innovative Mobility
Category Apps, Business
Package Name com.connect.connecthcm
OS 4.4

Connect HCM APPLICATION description

About Human Resource Management for Employee Information.
This is a Human Capital Management application.

My Team
There are two sessions under My Team. The first one is Team members that can see every members who work under Manager.
The manager can see each staff's photo date of birth, email , address and department.
If you don't have authorized role. "No result found" message.
The second one is Calendar that show just current date.

My Office
Admin or Manager can approve or reject each staff's request overtime, request claim, request daily log, request leave, changing profile and appraisal list.
If the staff submitted claim to get approval from manager, manager can see their requested claim in this form. Only manager or admin get authorize to approve and reject their requested forms.

Normal staff can see their submit, approved, reject information of leave, overtime, claim.

My Day
User can submit their daily work activities.
Adding from date, to date, from time, to time , type (Meeting, Service, OnSiteIn, OnSiteOut),
Status (Completed, Work in Process, Pending) and write
where (place), Description.

My Finance
Employee can see their salary monthly salary information. when click payroll, code will request, ( for demo password is 1111111) and then can see pay information.

My Docs
This shows information list. These give the facts about employee's rules and regulations and office discipline referral forms which admin release.

Only small private messaging and can see contact list in this section.

Employee can see company's information for Total Employee, Departments, Branch, Customers, Sales pipeline, Leave Taken, OT Hours by Department, OT Hours by Cost Center, Max OT Hours By Department, Max OT Hours By Cost Center and Project Status.

Location is a setup form.
Location setup will appear user have admin roles.
Location setup contain location type (Office,Customer side, event, other),location name , latitude, longitude and distance.

Users can edit NRC number, date of birth, email and address. The manager only can approve their edited profile. If the staff has changed his profile, manger can approve it from task form.

Time In
Employee can submit their in/out time.
Time In form contain employee's location with latitude and longitude, in/out time, in/out date.
Known location can be define by Admin tab, unknown location will show unregistered and location name will show blank.
Location name can enter the place name where you are.

Show employee card.

Check In
User can submit their place, time and event name.
Tracking name can enter some more information in remark.
Place show with latitude and longitude.

User can submit related leave,
choose Leave Type (Medical, Earned Leave, Maternity, Study & Examination, Casual, Without Pay, Absent 5%, Absent 15%, Hospitalization and Compassionate), Start Date, End Date, Start Time and End time.
User can add some more related information at remark and reason fields and also related attach document.

User can submit their related claim, entering claim type (Meal Weekdays OT, Meal Holiday OT, Taxi Fare, Phone Charges, Others), from date, to date, Type (Regular, Acho, Other), Currency Type (MMK, USD), Amount, Description and related attach document.

User can submit their overtime hours choose From Date, To Date, From Time, To Time and Reason.

User can submit their travel choose Destination, Departure Time, Return Time, Purpose, Mode of Travel, Vehicle Use and related attach document.

User can submit course in training section.

User can booking Room and Vehicle.

Users can give some feedback for training.

User can submit and update for each assignment with description, self rating, manager rating and remark.

Users can change password for My Finance section, can use two types of language.
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