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The popular Consultant Assistant for Lularoe finally comes to Google Play!

Want to be a top Lularoe Consultant? Then don't miss this app! It helps you to make beautiful collages for your inventory within a few seconds.

- Automatically generate item's style, size and watermark.
- Dozens of templates for one item.
- Edit multiple photos at once.
- Save pictures directly to Camera Roll.
- Show or hide price tag.
- Set and manage your custom price.
- Manage styles by hiding unwanted styles.
- Support DotDotSmile.
- Support Lularoe, Honey & Lace, Agnes & Dora.

Download the app and enjoy the easiest way to promote your inventory!

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10 recent comments of Consultant Assistant APK

Morgan Valle

The app keeps saving my photos in threes to my photo gallery on my phone. This is very frustrating because when I go to my photo gallery there is 2 copies of the actual finished product and then a camera picture of just the piece before editing. I have to go back through my photos and delete half of them because there are 3 copies and I can't find a setting to change this. Switching to a different app.

Paige Hobbs

All of my pictures saved as XS Perfect T's even though I selected the correct style and size for each picture. Now my pictures are useless. Absolutely unbelievable and a waste of time.

Kelly Eyer

Frustrating all my pics are not saving with the correct size. I have reinstalled and checked all the available options.

Amanda E. Hapgood

Unfortunately the app stopped working for me. When I open it, the screen is black. I have all new inventory, but can't create photos for it!

Samantha Sacramento

Will not let me change sizes, automatically defaults to 8/10 every picture I take.

Keri Beckman

*No longer opens after the update! I like the app and it has gotten better but here are a few suggestions: 1. Allow custom styles and prices to be saved. 2. The app adjusts the colors and brightness of pictures that I import and sometimes change it so much that it no longer represents the item. Recommend being able to import a pic and not have it be edited or adjusted in the app. 3. Enable a custom field for colors and descriptions. 4. When saving the picture recommend the picture gets auto saved to a folder rather than having to manage each one and save to album individually.

Stephanie Coates

I am an android user, but have the Apple version as well. I'm disappointed that android version is not the same. There are not the same templates, the wording on leggings is not the same (hate that you have to choose patterned or solid), and outfit option is missing. Will these be added?

This app is cool, yet i cant get the pictures to save to the photo albums on my phone. Which makes it kind of inconvenient, since i upload to my page straight from my phone. ?

There's no Scarlett!

Abbie Farrell

This app has potential, but it crashes after every 15 or so pictures. It also defaults back to S/M kids leggings after every picture taken, instead of staying on the previous style and size. Also, you can only download a picture to your phone album ONE AT A TIME.

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