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Creamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake FactoryCreamy cake Factory

The description Creamy cake Factory Apk

This is a hand - eye co-ordination game.

Ready to make creamy chocolate cake, we welcome you to our creamy chocolate cake factory , here in our cake making factory game. we will be making yummy, delicious chocolate cakes with different toppings and cake frosting, In this cake factory we will also be making delicious wedding cakes and birthday cakes, we will be decorating with beautiful frosting decorations and icing, we will also be adding strawberry toppings on the icing. and chocolate cherries.

We have sophisticated machines for fabrication of yummy cakes in our cake factory, we have the automatic baking pan ejector, we have the automatic dough mixer which mixes the batter mixture, mixing butter , flour, eggs milk and vanilla or chocolate flavour, then we have the automatic frosting machine and the cake toppings, strawberry and all, just like it is done in purble place cake game on laptop.Now you have something similar on mobile.

The cakes move on a conveyor belt and they can can be automatically stacked, Make different cake stacking then send it to the oven to bake .you can create your cake stack based on the cake order you received from the customer. Make your baked , cooked cake in this cooking simulation game, then proceed with your cake delivery in style.

Now lets get started with this blitz cake making games for kids, boys and girls with many levels and different cake orders in cake kitchen.

To start making your yummy, yum yum delicious cake with chocolate cherries and berries, tasty sugary frosting, which you will make in our creamy chocolate cake factory simulation game , transfer to our cake shop and deliver to the customer, hey chef and baker, read on....

First you look at the cake order given by the customer shown in the television (tv). you will be using our fabricated, automatic batter mixer, which will help you to mix your butter, vanilla, chocolate cherries, flour, sugar and baking powder . We have an array of cake machines for cooking and baking cakes.

The cake machines in our cake making factory games are good for dessert making even with cheescakes or strawberry flavour. After taking a look at the tasty cake order from the customer in the cake factory kitchen, press the automatic cake pan ejector, with different shapes, circular or cylindrical, square or heart(love) shaped baking pans, press the control to move to the automatic cake batter mixer with stirrer to mix cakes, the cake mixer mixes the eggs , milk ,flour, butter, flavour , cocoa powder with whatever added flavouring, to cook and bake your cake.

To make your cake even more tasty , we press the control to move to the cake frosting and icing machine , the icing machine creates a sugary sugary frosting to create sweet ,beautiful and delicious cake decorations.
Add cake decorating toppings. Use creamy, chocolate toppings,according to the customer order
Transfer to the oven and then bake. Make sure you get your mixed cake ingredient correctly. Do not waste too much time and ingredients, make sure to match the customers order, then your cake is ready
for delivery to a happy customer. Remember you get penalized for making wrong cakes and wasting ingredients.

Now let the world discover how amazing, fast and professional you are. Hey Chef Go bake some wedding, birthday cream chocolate cake

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