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Credit Card RevealerCredit Card RevealerCredit Card RevealerCredit Card RevealerCredit Card RevealerCredit Card Revealer

The description Credit Card Revealer Apk

Do you want to find and generate any bank's credit card numbers? Do you want to verify a credit card? Do you want to reveal the details of any Credit Card? Now you can generate up to 4 missing numbers of a credit card. so, Try this app. Hack a Credit/Debit Card with this app.

An Ultimate Credit / Debit card verification and generating tool.
This application provide information regarding a credit/debit card number.

Check: A Credit/Debit Card Number can be checked and validated.
Verify: A Credit / Debit Card Number can be verified with the issuing bank name and country name.
Find: A missing number from the 16-digits of the credit card can be generated and verified.
Generate: This app can generate missing number upto 4 digits.

This app can reveal certain informations on a card such as issuing bank, issuing country,
card type, card category and bank issuer number. For fetching these informations, Internet
connection is required.

This app also a virtual keypad, instruction of how to use it and supported credit card list in
the front page of the app.p

This app is only for educational purpose and security awareness.
The algorithm that has been used here is Luhn's algorithm.

Security awareness:
1. A Credit/Debit Card contains information regarding the bank, country and user account.
2. The 16-digit long number in the credit/debit card is insufficient to make any monetary transaction.
3. There are other things such as Card Expiry Date, Issue Date(optional), CVV code(behind the card)
and pin number, which can only initiate a monetary transaction. The card number alone is not enough.
4. The other things that I have mentioned above is different and unique in every other cards. So guessing
those values are impossible.
5. This app does not store any data related to credit/debit numbers. It only Calculates and Displays the
Probable numbers.

This app generates Valid Credit Numbers using mathematical concepts of probability, permutation
& combination and Luhn-10 algorithm. The card number information like bank name, country,etc.,
are fetched from a internet web server using only the first 6 digits of the credit number. This app is
only for eductaional purpose and security awareness only. This app neither intend to do any harm
nor support nor encourage any illegal activity of any kind. Please use this app wisely.

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  • 1.1
  • Android 1.1 (SDK: 2)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 4C2B2411141F7C738B5D47A4F3FC1949A8CA3920
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10 recent comments of Credit Card Revealer APK

Edward Morales

All cards have a ccv2 thing in the back I'm not trying to buy but to just look at trailers or something someone plzz help ty until them ill give it 5 stars

Steve Johnson

Thx man, your application worth, i been trying to see wwe network for one year i didn't realise and go to google search and search credit card generator, i looked on the application and try to download it. I downloaded then open this application and then type my father's credit card and it work i finally type it and i can see wwe network already

Gina Assar

Doesn't work for amex cards which are only 15 digits long. Good app for all 16 digit long numbers

Heather Lockwood

It's pretty cool, i guess i need to learn more about the advantages it has

David Stacy

I'm developing an online Gem/Crystal/mineral business. It's important to have a verified cc Vin number database. This generator is the best way to ensure buyer legitamacy... thank you very much for the relief of stress and confusion!! Stage 3 compete!!!

Marcus Buckley

It's got a good beat and you can dance to it... I give it a 34!

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